Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2015 American Peony Society Yew Dell Gardens Tour

During the American Peony Society Convention and on the morning of our first tour day, we went on the American Peony Society Whitehall Mansion Tour of its house and gardens. In the afternoon we toured the Yew Dell Botanical Gardens. They had a very nice barn that was designed by an architect and housed their gift shop right at their main entrance, which is where they gave the intro to our tour.

Yew Dell Tour Guide and American Peony Society Members
Yew Dell Entrance Barn and Gift Shop

However before we even got off our tour buses and entered the Yew Dell barn, we noticed a group planting of yellow Itoh peonies. Also upon our exit from the barn we found another group planting of the same yellow intersectionals. They turned out to be the Peony 'Garden Treasure' that Don Hollingsworth had donated to Yew Dell a couple years before. They made such a lovely display, and really dressed up the entrance to Yew Dell. Everyone clamored to get a photo of Don Hollingsworth and his gorgeous Peony 'Garden Treasure'.

Don Hollingsworth and Peony 'Garden Treasure'

The tour of Yew Dell included a look at their display gardens, kitchen garden, fountain garden, shade garden, rooftop garden, greenhouses, and of course their castle. The tour was quick and we had lunch in the garden shortly afterwards. It seems I could have spent a couple more hours exploring the gardens here, but I used my bit of free time during lunch to chat with other APS members. After lunch one bus load of people went back to the Galt House Hotel, and those who chose to stay participated in the ALM training program part two.

APS Members at the Yew Dell Castle

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