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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

2020 Song Sparrow Offers 10% Off All Intersectional (Itoh) Peonies

Song Sparrow Offer 10% Off All Itoh Peonies

I just got an email yesterday saying that Song Sparrow is offering 10% off of all Itoh Peonies. In case you hadn't heard, this is pretty cool. I'm not sure if I've seen them offer a discount in the spring on their intersectional peonies. I know they offered a larger discount on intersectional peonies in the fall of 2018, 2018 Song Sparrow 25% Off All Itoh Peonies, but I don't think I've seen a spring discount before. The really nice thing about a spring discount is Song Sparrow sells their intersectional peonies as potted plants. So you have a chance of actually getting a bloom from your plant this year (in just a few short months)! Also according to the changes recorded on our 2020 Intersectional Peony Catalog Price Comparison List, Song Sparrow actually lowered their prices on most of their intersectional peonies this year. So now you get an extra discount on top of their already lowered prices, and a potted, growing plant to boot! If you're interested in taking advantage of this sale, you better hurry! The last day to get the 10% discount is March 2, 2020!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

2018 Adelman Peony Gardens Black Friday Sale 50% Off

Wow! Apparently I'm a little late to this party, but it looks like Adelman Peony Gardens is having a Black Friday Sale. I'm pretty sure I've never seen a sale like this before. They have 50% off all peonies left in stock: tree, intersectional, and herbaceous. There's not a lot left now, but still lots of good stuff. I'm not sure how many items there were to choose from originally (since it looks like the sale started 2 days ago), but it looks like they still have 28 varieties to choose from right now. Also not only do you get half off all roots, but you can also get free shipping if you place a $100 order or more, just use coupon code "freeship" at checkout. If you don't want to be out fighting crowds for deals this weekend, just stay in and order peonies instead. :D

Adelman Peony Gardens Black Friday Sale

Sunday, November 18, 2018

2018 Brooks Gardens Final Peony Root Sale 25% Off Everything

If you just *need* one more root (or a few) to sneak into your garden beds before spring hits, Brook Gardens appears to be having a great "final sale" to close out their season - 25% off everything. It looks like their Final Peony Root Sale of 2018 will last through the end of November, but there's not much time left in November. So you need to make up your mind quickly before the sale is over. One thing that's great about having a more Southern peony garden is that your ground is not yet frozen (unlike some of our Northern neighbors), so we definitely have the opportunity to take advantage of these last minute peony sales and still have time to get them planted this year.

Brooks Gardens Final Peony Root Sale 25% Off

Another great thing about this sale is getting an opportunity to pick up some intersectional peonies for a lower price. If you missed the 2018 Song Sparrow 25% Off All Itoh Peonies sale (which is now over), you have one more chance to pick up some intersectional peonies on sale. Intersectional peonies are very reliable increasers and bloomers here in our warmer climate, and they are quickly becoming the stars of our Southern Peony garden. Intersectional peonies are often priced much higher than traditional herbaceous peonies, 2018 Intersectional Peony Catalog Price Comparison List. So this is a great opportunity to try a few new varieties (or purchase your very first intersectional peony). :-)

Saturday, October 27, 2018

2018 Song Sparrow Peony Sale 30% Off All Herbaceous Peonies

Song Sparrow End-of-Season Sale
30% Off All Herbaceous Peonies

It looks like they're putting on another great sale at Klehm's Song Sparrow, an End-of-Season Peony Sale - 30% off all herbaceous peonies. If you've still got a few more peonies on your wish list, now's the time to nab them before they're gone! Song Sparrow usually offers a buy 2, get the 3rd peony free sale (with the lowest price of 3 free). So this sale should be an even better deal than usual, especially if you are buying peonies with different prices. They have several great APS award winning peonies on sale (which are easily noted by the "☆AWARD WINNER" designation they have on their web site). They also have a few Saunders peonies for sale (search for Saunders) and lots of Krekler and Klehm selections to choose from. There are even a few Reath peonies on sale, including Peony 'Lemon Chiffon', which if you don't own, you really should! The sale ends November 12, 2018, and some coveted peony varieties will start to sell out. So place your order early for the best selection! Check it out!

Peony 'Lemon Chiffon' on Sale
at Klehm's Song Sparrow

Monday, October 22, 2018

2018 Brooks Gardens Peonies 15%/20% Off Special Sale

Brooks Gardens Peonies 15%/20% Off Special Sale

If you missed your chance at winning a root at this year's 2018 American Peony Society Fall Auction, another peony grower just started their fall sale, Brooks Gardens Peonies. It looks like the Brooks Gardens Peonies Special Sale is good through the end of October. So get your treats now, so you won't feel tricked come October 31st! :-) They used to offer free shipping as their fall sale, but now they seem to offer a 15% to 20% discount depending on how much you order. I decided take the plunge and go for Peony 'Lois' Choice', the 2017 APS Gold Medal Winner (pictured in their sale flyer here). I usually purchase the APS Gold Medal Winner every year, but hadn't gotten this one yet because of the price. Brooks already had the lowest price, 2018 Herbaceous Hot 100 Peony Catalog Price Comparison List, and with an extra discount, who could resist?

Peony 'Chiffon Clouds'
Brooks Gardens Peonies 15%/20% Off Sale

I also snagged a root of Peony 'Chiffon Clouds'. I've been wanting this peony since 2016 when the APS Convention attendees toured Klehm's Song Sparrow, and I saw it in their field. It really reminds me of Peony 'Silvia Saunders', which I've been wanting so badly since 2016 Peony on My Wish List 'Silvia Saunders'. Peony 'Chiffon Clouds' may be a little bit more white than Peony 'Silvia Saunders', but they both have the pale pink fading to white going on. Also the photo that Brooks Gardens has on their web site really does not do this peony justice. These are photos I took of Peony 'Chiffon Clouds' when we took the 2016 APS Peony Convention Tour of Song Sparrow. As you can see Peony 'Chiffon Clouds' is just amazing. It's like a sky FULL of fluffy white peony blossom clouds!

Peony 'Chiffon Clouds'
Brooks Gardens Peonies 15%/20% Off Sale

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

2018 Last Chance Peony Sale @ Hidden Springs Flower Farm

Hidden Springs Flower Farm Last Chance Peony Sale Order

If you did not notice yet, Hidden Springs Flower Farm just released their Last Chance Peony Sale list. I believe they put a sale list up every year at the end of the season, but you never know what's going to be on this list (or when it's going to come out). I think this is a great way to pull in a few extra orders at the end of the season, plus give people an opportunity to order peonies they may not have gotten the chance to order earlier. This year I decided to pick up three pink colored peonies - Peony 'Joker', Peony 'Juliska', and Peony 'Sarah Bernhardt'. I really love the picotee edge on the Peony 'Joker'. I've been seeing lots of photos of this one, and it has been on my "Want List". Peony 'Sarah Bernhardt' is a classic double light pink peony, which I don't grow well right now. So I'd like to give her a better place in the garden and a better chance to thrive.

Hidden Springs Flower Farm
Sells Peony 'Juliska' on Sale for $68.00!

However I think the real story here is Peony 'Juliska' on sale for $68.00! This peony was fetching $80-$100 a root last year, according to our 2017 Herbaceous Hot 100 Peony Catalog Price Comparison List. This is an even better price than the originator Solaris Farms sells it for this year ($75.00), according to our 2018 Herbaceous Hot 100 Peony Catalog Price Comparison List. This Peony 'Juliska' was hybridized by the late Bill Seidl and Nate Bremer (owner of Solaris Farms), a promising duo that have produced many advanced herbaceous and tree peony hybrids.

Hidden Springs Flower Farm
SOLD OUT Peony 'Bob' on Sale for $112.49!

And there's always the one that got away... The first peony I noticed and tried to put in my cart was Peony 'Bob', a rarely offered dark red, almost black peony. However the system told me it was already sold out, how disappointing. Well, I suppose there's always next year... Check out all of the Last Chance Sale offerings on the Hidden Springs Flower Farm list, you may find something you've been looking for!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

2018 Song Sparrow 25% Off All Itoh Peonies

Klehm's Song Sparrow 25% Off Itoh Peonies

If you haven't seen this yet, this is awesome! Of all the years I've seen Klehm's Song Sparrow host a fall sale, they usually just select 5-10 specific peony varieties to put on sale (usually all herbaceous) or have a buy 2 get one free sale (herbaceous only). I don't think I've ever seen them put their Intersectional/Itoh peonies on sale, and to be able to just buy 1 or as many as you want and still get a discount - WOW! that's an awesome deal!! If you've been on the fence about whether to buy one of their gorgeous Itoh peonies, especially some of their just released new Intersectional offerings, 2018 Peony 'Pink Double Dandy' aka 'Keiko' for Sale at Song Sparrow (both of which are on sale!), then now's the time to take advantage of this great sale!

If you are thinking that Klehm's prices are higher for intersectional peonies than other vendors, 2018 Intersectional Peony Catalog Price Comparison List, well, they usually are. But here's a secret you may not know, Klehm's Song Sparrow grows all of their Intersectional (and Tree) peonies in pots. So you are actually purchasing a growing potted plant. This plant has a big advantage over any other intersectional peony you might buy from another vendor. It's like gaining an additional year (or two) of time for your Intersectional peony plant to increase in size, and the plants are usually larger than what you would get from planting just the root. Plus Intersectional/Itoh peonies grow great in the South. Intersectional peonies are such robust plants from their tree peony and herbaceous peony heritage - it's like the best of both worlds. I haven't grown one yet that wouldn't grow here!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

2018 Fall Peony Sale @ Song Sparrow

Klehm's Song Sparrow Peony Sale

It's that time of year, fall peony sale time. If you haven't ordered any roots yet this year, now's the time to squeeze in your last minute orders. I got an email yesterday with information on Song Sparrow's fall sale. It looks like they have 7 peony cultivars on sale this year. Of the 7 cultivars on sale, I only grow 2 of them - Peony 'Scarlet O'Hara' and Peony 'Green Lotus'. Both of those peonies are actually stellar growers here in the South. Peony 'Scarlet O' Hara' makes a nice bush with nicely distributed bright red single blooms, named after the famous Southern belle of Gone with the Wind. You have to really love wild and crazy and/or unusual blooms (which I do) to love Peony 'Green Lotus'. Peony 'Green Lotus' makes a nice bush that is covered in green and white (with hints of pink), irregular shaped blooms with crinkled petals.

2018 Song Sparrow Peony Order

I had just actually placed an order with Klehm's a few days ago. I ordered Peony 'Ursa Minor' because of how beautiful it this year when the 2018 American Peony Society Tours Oregon Perennial Company. Seeing as Klehm was the original hybridizer of the plant, I figured Klehm's Song Sparrow was the best place to buy it! I've also been wanting Tree Peony 'Joseph Rock' for a while now, and I decided that now was the time to order it.. I really love how double the blooms are, and I'm really excited to try growing it. Another one of the 7 cultivars on sale their fall sale caught my eye as well. It is Peony 'Glowing Candles'. The color of it is just gorgeous, and I also love the symmetry. The small puffs of pale pink in the center of the flower are a nice bonus too. I'm hoping I can add this one to my existing order. :-) Let's see...

Peony 'Glowing Candles'

Friday, October 14, 2016

2016 Last Chance Fall Peony Orders

I was waiting to see what Harvey would be listing in his Last Chance Sale at Hidden Spring Flower Farm this year. When the list came out yesterday, there were several on his "Last Chance Sale" list that I wanted. I'd worked up a basket of over $330 in peonies (Peony 'Edward Steichen', Peony 'Plainsman', Peony 'Sugar N Spice', Peony 'Summer Carnival', Peony 'Vanilla Schnapps', and Peony 'Court Jester'). However, there are so many more to choose from (over 100 varieties). The sale only lasts through tomorrow - October 15th, and the full list of sale peonies can be found on the Hidden Springs Flower Farm web site under "Last Chance Sale". Since I'd just won a couple peonies in the fall auction this past weekend, I decided I'd better scale it back a little. So in the end I decided that I really "needed" ;-) Peony 'Vanilla Schnapps' and Peony 'Summer Carnival'. If you didn't win some certain peonies you were hoping to win in the fall auction, you might find them here (or perhaps you may find an even better replacement).

Hidden Springs Flower Farm Last Chance Sale Peony Wish List

Saturday, June 11, 2016

2016 Peony Purchases from Klehm's Song Sparrow Tour

Potted Peonies Purchased on Klehm's Song Sparrow Farm Tour

Wow! My plants from the APS Peony Convention Tour of Song Sparrow arrived this week, and I got them planted today. I purchased three peonies in their $15 potted plant sale - Peony 'Carl G. Klehm', Peony 'Lake o' Silver', and Peony 'Lora Dexheimer'. Two of these peonies had blooms on them when I purchased them. So I know I was getting the correct variety. I really like that. Unfortunately one of them didn't have a bloom on it, but I wanted that one so bad I bought it anyway. It was the last one of that variety that they had, that was potted and on sale for $15. It was Peony 'Carl G. Klehm', which got many votes and several nominations in the American Peony Society Gold Medal voting this year. So I guess Peony 'Carl G. Klehm' must be a pretty good peony to grow. Since it is so small, it might take a while to settle in. Hopefully I'll get some blooms from it eventually! :-)

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

2015 Fall Peony Sales - Free Shipping, B2G1F, 50% Off

It always happens. I get that last minute feeling... Time is running out. The peony vendors are closing up shop. Did I get all of the peonies I wanted for the year? If I wait much longer, I'm going to have to wait until next year until I can get any more. So I checked out all of the peony vendor's web sites on the American Peony Society's Buy Peonies page. Many of them have already closed up shop for the year (Fina, Hidden Springs, Peonies from the Field, Solaris, Swenson). However there are several that are still open, and of those that are, a few of them are running a last minute sale to help make your peony buying decision that much easier! So check out this list of peony sales because time IS running out!

Bannister Garden CenterGoing Out of Business 1/2 Off Sale11/15
Birchwood Farms50% Shipping with $100 Order
Brooks GardensOrder 2 or More, Get Free Shipping11/8
Cricket Hill Garden25th Anniversary Specials
Song SparrowBuy 2 Get 1 Free11/5

2015 Fall Peony Sales

Monday, November 10, 2014

2014 Peony Sale with Free Shipping at Brooks Gardens

I just couldn't resist putting in one last peony order for the year. Especially when the peonies are on sale with free shipping! I checked out all of my favorite peony vendors to see who was having a good sale and if they had what I was looking for. After moving a few things around this year and giving away a few peonies, I had a couple open spots in my peony gardens that I needed to fill. I was looking for a really good double red peony to fill a spot near my deck where I grow mostly red colored flowers, an A. P. Saunders hybridized peony to fill a spot in my Saunders peony garden, and a multi-layer / multi-color very full bomb type peony to fill a spot in my drain field garden where I grow lots of other multi-color bomb peonies.

Brooks Gardens Peonies Sale
15% Off & Free Shipping

When I came across the Brooks Gardens web site, it said they were having a sale with 15% off all peonies and free shipping. I love free shipping! I found a nice double red peony, Peony 'Henry Bockstoce' and a Saunders peony named Peony 'Skylark'. However I didn't see any multi layer bomb peonies that caught my eye, but I did find Peony 'Prairie Moon', which I have, but I feel sure it is mislabeled. So I'd like to get the correct plant. After filling my cart with 2 out of 3 must haves and another nice to have, I checked out! I got all three of the peonies 15% off and free shipping as well! So if you're looking for a new peony or a few peonies to fill some spots in your garden with beautiful colors, be sure to check out the sale at Brooks Gardens Peonies!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

2013 Song Sparrow Fall Peony Sale - Buy 2 Get One Free

They are at it again! I don't know of any other peony farm who reliably discounts their peonies in the fall (and who also sends large, correctly labeled plants) besides Klehm's Song Sparrow. Last year they ran a similar Fall Sale. I am on the email lists for several other major growers, and Song Sparrow definitely is the best at offering fall discounts. Their prices are not cheap, but they are not exorbitant either, and their current sale makes their offerings all the more attractive! I received the sale email on Friday, October 18th and the sale runs through November 3rd. They are currently offering Receive three Peonies for the price of two. So if you haven't yet gotten your fall 2013 peony order in, head on over to see if the varieties you're interested are still in stock. With this sale, I'm sure the hottest and award winning varieties will be selling out quick! :-)

Song Sparrow Fall Peony Sale - Buy 2 Get One Free

Sunday, June 16, 2013

2013 Monrovia Itoh Peony 'Keiko'™ 愛幕 (Adored)

Monrovia Peony 'Keiko'™ 愛幕 (Adored)

So I saw these Monrovia Itoh peonies at a local garden center near me. They looked so lovely, they looked so intersectional, they looked so... expensive! As you can see from the tag on this one, they are tagged to sell for $89.99. However I definitely didn't pay that much. The garden center had them on sale for 30% off, and I also had a $50 Visa gift card that someone had given me. So I ended up paying a little more than $17 with tax after the sale and gift card.

Monrovia Peony 'Keiko'™ (Adored) Tag

These Monrovia peonies that they were selling are part of Monrovia's Japanese collection of peonies with Japanese names to honor the creator of Itoh peonies, Toichi Itoh, of Japan. The intersectional peony I selected was the largest plant I saw and the one with the best looking foliage. It is named Peony 'Keiko'™ (Adored), and from the picture of the bloom, it looks like it will be a lovely pink color. With it's Japanese name I figured this peony would feel much at home in my Japanese garden near my pagoda statue and Japanese irises. So that's where I planted it. I can't wait to see it bloom next year! Also I will have to keep my eye on these at the garden center to see when they go on clearance. :-)

Monrovia Peony 'Keiko'™ (Adored) Near Japanese Garden

Friday, March 15, 2013

2013 Half Price Peony at Local Nursery

Wow! Did I get lucky! I went to get my oil changed this week, and I always take my car to a place that's near one of my favorite local nurseries. I usually walk over there to check to see what they have on sale while my car is being worked on. Well yesterday when I went there I found a Peony 'Coral Sunset' that had an orange sale sticker on it, and all of their sale items were 50% off. The original price was $24.99. So that made it only $12.50! Yes, I already have Peony 'Coral Sunset', but who could resist another one for 50% off? So of course I bought it, and I got it planted today. So keep your eyes open when shopping at your local nurseries. They may have some peonies from last year's stock on sale! Since this Peony 'Coral Sunset' was growing in a pot, I actually planted it more shallow in the ground than it was growing in the pot, as evidenced by the whitish color at the base of the stems. This portion of the stem was previously under the soil when it was growing in the pot, but due to our climate here, I knocked off a bit of the soil from the top of the peony root, and planted the roots close to the surface. This way the peony roots will get the chilling hours required to generate bloom here.

Half Price Potted Peony 'Coral Sunset'

Planted Peony 'Coral Sunset'

Sunday, October 21, 2012

2012 Fall Peony Sales

I got an email this weekend about a peony sale at one of my favorite peony vendors, Khlem's Song Sparrow. Not only is now a great time to plant peonies, but it is also a great time for peony sales. If you're not on the email list of your favorite peony vendors, you should go ahead and sign up so that you'll get all the latest information on their products and special sales. The current sale they're having is for Herbaceous Peonies - 3 for the price of 2! I already have 3 boxes of peonies waiting for me to plant, but I'm still tempted to order more (and I probably will) since this is such a great deal. The deal is good from now until November 15, 2012. So you've got some time to check it out, but shop early for the best selection! Also you can check the websites of other peony vendors this time of year. Sometimes they will post sales or specials to their web sites as well. You may be able to pick up a peony you've been wanting a bit cheaper or try out a different peony that wasn't on your list. Either way, happy peony shopping! :)

Khlem's Song Sparrow Fall 2012 Sale