Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 First Peony Order of the Year

I took a moment this past week to make my first peony order of the year. This year I placed my first order with Solaris Farms. I am really excited about this order. I instantly fell in love with Peony 'Angel Emily' last year when I saw the photo of it on their web site. Its lavender color and loads of blooms on a rockii species plant with its signature purple flares just made me giddy. I really wanted it. Even though that was only April of last year, it was, sadly, already sold out. So I was delighted to see that they were offering it again this year. Even though the price hadn't gone down any since last year, I still wanted it. I also found the listing for Peony 'New Millennium' in their intersectional peony offering, with a price half of what it was available for last year. So even though the price tags were still hefty, I decided to order both! I am also curious to see the size and quality of the roots they send as well as their packaging and shipment method. I am hoping that I will find another good, quality peony supplier in Solaris Farms. If you've never seen their site before, perhaps you should check it out to see if anything catches your eye! :-)

Peony 'Angel Emily'
Photo Courtesy of Solaris Farms

Peony 'New Millennium'
Photo Courtesy of Solaris Farms