Saturday, May 9, 2015

2015 Red Peony Painting Acrylics on Canvas

Red Peony Painting Acrylics on Canvas

Look what I made today! My friend Janice invited me and a few other women over for a potluck lunch and canvas painting today. I decided to paint a peony. Janice had the idea to find a photo of something you wanted to paint. So I found this botanical red peony print that I wanted to paint on the internet. It was so much fun. She showed me the peonies in her garden. I invited her to come see the peonies in mine next week (before the 2015 American Peony Society Convention in Kentucky of course). What a delightful afternoon. Here is the photo of the botanical print I chose to paint. I'm not sure of the original artist, only that it is French. I can make out the work "Pivoine" at the bottom of the print, but I can't definitively make out the rest of it. If anyone knows who this print is by or where it came from, I'd love to know. Please contact me!

French Botanical Pivoine (Peony) Print

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