Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2015 Peonies in Their Party Hats

The peonies in my garden put their party hats on yesterday. They have yellow hats, blue hats, and hats wih polka dots. No, it's not the Peony Kentucky Derby. However the 2015 American Peony Society Convention is in Louisville, Kentucky this year - in just a few short days no less! We just did miss the actual Derby. Instead of horses, we'll be racing peonies.

Peonies in Their Party Hats
Peony 'Miss America'

Actually those hats are colorful bags protecting the crosses I am trying to make this year. They are sitting above the stems on Peony 'Miss America'. Seems like a good person to have for a mother right, Miss America? With a title like that her children should be beauties! I am trying to hybridize her with pollen from my tree peony garden. We'll see if it works or not. I am more determined this year. The last time I tried this I got nothing - no children (seeds) at all. This time instead of putting the pollen on just once and covering it up, I am putting it on there like every morning hoping to get the timing on the fertility just right this time. We'll see if it makes any difference or not. I am a little worried about the pollen, though. I didn't get it into the fridge right away. It took me a couple days. So I'm not sure if it is still any good or not. I hope so. It seems like it would be good for a couple days outside. So maybe there will be a few in there that are still alive! I hope so.

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