Friday, May 15, 2015

2015 American Peony Society Whitehall Mansion Tour

American Peony Society White Hall Mansion Tour

     The first tour stop of the 2015 American Peony Society Convention was the historic Whitehall Mansion in Louisville, Kentucky. The historic Whitehall Mansion was awesome, only outdone by its fabulous gardens. The blue dining room of the home was definitely my favorite with its blue walls and intricate blue rug. The house was filled with antique furniture, original paintings and collectibles. The original wallpapers has been reproduced, and the original hardwood floors had been restored. It was nice to tour a historic house still decorated with its period furnishings.          
Whitehall Mansion Blue Dining Room

We explored the gardens with one of their gardeners who was quite familiar with the grounds, having worked there for 20 years. He gave quite a nice tour, and it made you feel like you were walking with him in his own backyard. He knew every tree and bush planted there. There was a very nice walkway lined with perennials including lots of mature clumps of Siberian irises which were just beautiful. When we finally made it to the peony garden, it was breathtaking. They had curvy, wide, mulched paths lined with brick, and the beds between the paths contained so many carefully labeled and well cared for peonies. Historic Whitehall Mansion definitely has a great garden to visit for viewing peonies.

American Peony Society Whitehall Mansion Garden Tour

American Peony Society Whitehall Mansion Peony Garden Tour

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