Wednesday, April 15, 2020

2020 Chinese Tree Peony Seedlings All White

I just wanted to report back on some Chinese tree peony seeds I purchased and planted back in 2013 Chinese Peony Seeds from Ebay. These have been growing 7 years now, and I am sad to say they are all blooming white. The foliage of the plant and the pink and yellow centers of the flowers all remind me of my Tree Peony 'White Phoenix', 2018 Tree Peony 'White Phoenix' Best Performer - Week 2, which is just a named P. Ostii variety. The first of these tree peonies started blooming 2 years ago, just a single white bloom. Now 2 years later, there are several more blooming white, and all of them are growing with the same foliage.

Chinese Tree Peony Seedlings All White - 3/24

Maybe it is just me, but I am becoming a bit more distrustful of tree peony seeds sold from China. It seems like most of them are just common P. Ostii seeds (which are mostly white). None of them are actually from the bold, beautiful, brightly colored tree peonies they claim to sell you seeds from. I suppose many of those very fully double tree peony varieties pictured are probably infertile anyway, not actually producing seed. It all seems to be some sort of marketing scam to take your money and then send you some very common, cheap peony seeds instead. :(

Chinese Pink Tree Peony Seedlings

Chinese Pink Seedling Sign

P2 Black Tree Peony Seedlings

P2 Black Seedling Sign

P3 Blue Tree Peony Seedling

P3 Blue Seedling Sign

Chinese Tree Peony Seedlings All White - 3/26

Chinese Tree Peony Seedlings All White - 3/27

Chinese Tree Peony Seedlings All White - 3/27

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