Peony Best Performers

Southern Peony Best Performer

Each week of my peony bloom season I select a "Southern Peony Best Performer". These are peony plants that have a multitude of blooms, a nice plant habit, are disease resistant, are good multipliers, and do well in our hot weather! Not only do you get recommendations of plants that can beat our heat, but also a list of peonies that bloom on different weeks, so you can extend the peony bloom season in your garden too! Read more about Southern Peony Best Performers.

Southern Peony Best Performers by Week
Week 1
Week 2
Coral Charm, Firelight, Honor, Lustrous
Week 3
Julia Rose, Lovely Rose, Roy Pehrson's Best Yellow, Single White (Unknown)
Week 4
Do Tell, Kansas, Keiko 愛幕 (Adored) , Morning Lilac, Sonoma Amethyst, Topeka Garnet
Week 5
Bartzella, Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, 'Takara' 慈悲 (Treasure)
Week 6
Angel Cheeks, Myra MacRae
Week 7
Feather Top, Guidon, Paul M. Wild