Monday, April 6, 2020

2020 Ordering Peonies on Etsy from ExoticseedsLatvia

Itoh Peony 'Jazz' on Etsy

Yes, it's a little odd, but I just had to try it out. There was an ad on Etsy for an Intersectional Peony that I didn't have, "Itoh Peony 'JAZZ'. I'd never bought a peony on Etsy before, so I just couldn't resist. I also bought 5 daylilies from another seller on there while I was at it, but that's a different story... Anyway I placed this order on March 6, and it actually arrived at the end of last week. I've been isolating my packages and mail for 3 days before I open them (due to coronavirus COVID-19).

Latvijas PASTS Box from Etsy

The box came with "Latvijas PASTS" tape all over it, which I at first thought was the company name, but Google helped me confirm that this is actually the name of the Latvian Post Office. I don't think I've ever gotten anything from Latvia before. Anyway I finally opened this box on Sunday, and I actually found two roots inside the box, "Peony Root 'Jazz'" and "Peony Root Yellow". They both appear to be quite healthy and ready to grow (definitely not dried up/dehydrated). So they did appear to make the international trip just fine.

Itoh Peony 'Jazz' & Peony Yellow Gift
from ExoticseedsLatvia on Etsy

I am curious to see if these peony roots or authentic or not. They do not appear to be cloned tissue culture plants. They definitely seem to be divisions, albeit small ones. The Peony 'Jazz' root has 3 small eyes, and the yellow peony gift just has one. However they both have about the same amount of root (just a small one). I'm just hoping they're both not a very unattractive yellow Itoh peony like a dishonest seller on Ebay was sending a few years ago. Only time will tell, at least the truth will be revealed here. :-)

Itoh Peony 'Jazz' from Etsy

Itoh Peony 'Jazz' from Etsy

Peony Yellow Gift from Etsy

Peony Yellow Gift from Etsy


  1. I order from this seller also and have since found out it is not legal to send plant material without proper plant certification and inspection, the roots sent may spread disease. That makes sense hat the box sent was labeled "home decore" my roots were also small and have not performed well. no flowers yet but with the skirting of the rules I would not be surprised if what was received is not true to name.

    1. The peonies I received from ExoticseedsLatvia on Etsy were not the cultivars sold to me, and in fact they were not even intersectional peonies at all. So this seller appears to be another scam/sham seller. I hope all of you can learn from my "trial".