Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 Southern Peony Milestones

Wow! Southern Peony has passed two great milestones in one month! We had over one thousand views for the first time in one month this month, and we had over 10,000 views total since Southern Peony's inception. Thank you to all of our devoted readers out there. I've really enjoyed documenting my journey with peonies, and I hope all of you have too. I am so happy to share the love of this wonderful plant all over the world. If you're interested to see a breakdown of Southern Peony's world wide web site traffic, I've included a chart of the Top 10 Countries by Pageviews and the current list of the 10 Most Popular Topics of All Time. For the most up to date list of the 10 Most Popular Peony Topics This Month and the 10 Most Popular Peony Topics of All Time, check out our Popular Topics page. Drop me a line and let me know what's on your mind or let me know if you have any feedback or requests for our site. Also if you have any Peony Questions you've been really wanting to ask, send them in.

Top 10 Countries by Pageviews
1United States6232
5United Kingdom276

Top 10 Most Popular Topics of All Time (as of 1/31/13)
12009 Fall Peony Foliage
22012 Peony 'Angel Cheeks' Best Performer - Week 6
32012 Peony Blooms Mid Season - Week 4
42012 Peony 'Bartzella' Best Performer - Week 5
52012 Peony Blooms Very Early to Early Mid - Weeks 1-3
62010 Peony Blooms - Weeks 1-3
72012 APS Peony Court of Honor Winners
92012 Peony Blooms Very Late - Week 7
82010 APS Grand Champion Peony - Flying Pink Saucer
102011 Intersectional Peony Blooms

Saturday, January 26, 2013

2013 American Peony Society Convention at
Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

I know it's still cold outside. It's even cold here. We had quite a bit of ice last night (but it's all melted now). So it's definitely not time for spring, but it is a good time to start making plans to join us at the 2013 American Peony Society Show & Convention. I just made my travel arrangements today, and I am really excited. This year's convention is being held at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania (which is pretty close to Philadelphia - so you might be able to score a decent priced non-stop airline ticket like I did!). Not only is the convention being held "Longwood Gardens - the world's premier horticultural showcase", but there's also an optional tour on Sunday of Winterthur - "the premier museum of American decorative arts" along with a "60-acre naturalistic garden." I've been wanting to go there for a few years now. I love magnolia trees too, and I've heard they have a nice collection of these as well. Although I'm sure I'll miss the magnolia bloom season, I'm hoping to see the peony bloom season this year! :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

2013 American Peony Society Silver Medal

American Peony Society Gold Medal
Black & White Image
OMG! I am so excited! Again! Yesterday when I was searching Google for an American Peony Society logo that I wanted to use in my APS Board Member post, I came across a picture of a silver colored American Peony Society medal. It was for sale on Etsy for $8! Of course I bought it right away! The description says it was issued to Marvin Karrels, who according to the APS website for APS Best in Show won the Best in Show - Grand Champion 9 different years - 1946, 1951, 1956, 1966, 1970, 1972, 1975, 1976, & 1983! Wow! I found a black & white image of the APS gold medal, and this silver colored medal appears to be an exact copy of the black & white image of the APS Gold Medal from 'The Manual of the American Peony Society'. I'm not sure if you remember seeing my post on the 2012 APS Peony Convention Banquet & Auction, but one of the speakers passed around an actual gold medal from the APS, and it was gold colored. I can't wait to receive this silver colored APS medal in the mail! Too cool! :)

American Peony Society Silver Colored Medal

American Peony Society 1943 Gold Medal

Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013 New American Peony Society Board Member

The American Peony Society
Wow! I am so excited, and I guess it's official now so I can share. Last week I was asked to join the board of the American Peony Society! This is actually the 2nd volunteer board that I will serve on. The first board I served on was a local society board. This will be the first national society board that I will serve. So I am certainly excited! I definitely learned a lot in my first board position, and I hope to learn even more serving on the APS Board. I want to contribute any knowledge I have, learn from others' past experiences, and do all I can to help further the cause of peonies and spread the love of growing them in the home landscape. They are just such an awesome plant, and I'm sure they will get better and better with our combined knowledge and breeding efforts. So stay tuned - the best is yet to come! :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 Peony Spreadsheet Data Entry

I spent some time last night and today working on my peony data spreadsheet. I put in all of the data from last peony season - last year (2012). I also spent some time catching up from 2011. I had recorded all of the bloom and stem count data manually on paper, but had not yet transferred it into my computer. Once I have all of the data in my spreadsheet, I can also calculate the bloom offset. One day I would like to convert the spreadsheet into a database so that I can use it to analyze the growth of the different peony species in my climate. I would also like to be able to automatically pull that data from the database and manipulate however needed to put into various pages on this web site. We did get a new iPad for Christmas this year. If I really get myself in gear, maybe I can use that to input data into the spreadsheet/database while I'm out in the garden. That would be nice! However it might be a little hard convincing my fiancée to let me take it out there. Maybe I'll have to get my own - for garden use only! :-)
Peony Data Spreadsheet