Tuesday, January 31, 2023

2023 January Tree Peony Growth

January Tree Peony Growth

Wow! A new year already? And the last day of the first month. Where does time go? The tree peonies keep time and have already begun their growth for the new year. I've been watching them all month go from fat buds into small shoots with buds! Although the weather is still cold-ish here (we have had quite a mild winter - 3rd warmest January on record), the tree peonies have begun their slow unfurling process - with some varieties farther along than others. Some types still remain in fat bud stage.

I am happy to see them greet me so early in the new year. Their blooms will be here by the end of March and beginning of April. So really they don't have much time left for those buds to fully mature, about a month and a half! Signs of spring will be here soon. Spring is coming!!!

January Tree Peony Growth

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