Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2013 Chinese Peony Seeds from Ebay

Well it wasn't 3 days, but they did come pretty fast, considering they came all the way from China. The Suffruticosa Tree Peony Seeds from China I ordered from Ebay came yesterday. I also ordered a pack of pink tree peony seeds from Ebay for 99 cents (shipping included!) the day after I ordered the first set of Ebay peony seeds, and those came today. So they both arrived in 8 days! Not bad for coming from halfway across the world. I also noticed that the seeds packets came from different address in the same city (Huaian Jiangsu). That's interesting. :) Even the $2.50 seeds from Ebay came packaged as 6 separate varieties. The Ebay auction listing also tells me what color seed is inside of each of the six packages. I figured for that low of a price, all of the seeds would just be mixed together in one package. So that's nice that the different colors of seeds are separated. I can't wait until they grow and bloom. I'm so curious to see what will turn up! I'm sure the picture from the Ebay auction has been "enhanced". I've never seen a peony that blue. I'm sure it must be some shade of purple, which would be perfectly fine with me, since purple is my favorite color. :)
  • P1 white
  • P2 black
  • P3 blue
  • P4 green
  • P5 pink
  • P6 red

Tree Peony Seeds from China

99 Cent Pink Peony Seeds from China


  1. I finally got some of mine in from alexiexpress so they are pretty quick. I will however wait to see which flower beds are giving the best sprouting rates this coming spring before I decide where to plant them.

    I have had a bit of success 1 year with them in zip lock bags and paper towels, but it's so easy to over-water them in a controlled environment so that I have preferred direct sowing. The problem with direct sowing is that squirrels, birds, and pill bugs can get to them.

  2. Steve, I haven't received the seeds I ordered from Ali Express yet. I guess the seller I purchased mine from must be a bit slower than yours. I'm not sure how the peony seeds I put in plastic bags with moist vermiculite are doing. That is a good reminder for me to go check on them!