Friday, January 12, 2018

2018 Herbaceous Hot 100 Peony Catalog Price Comparison List

I've been doing my Intersectional Peony Catalog Price Comparison Lists for a few years now. However this will be only the second year that I list some of the pricey herbaceous peonies that people might be interested in. There a several up and coming hot herbaceous peonies that tend to be around or above the $100 price range. Some of these peonies can be hard to find and acquire because their stock is so limited (and some are sold out already). So this list will give you a heads up of where you can find them and who has them priced for what. You can also check out last year's 2017 Herbaceous Hot 100 Peony Catalog Price Comparison List, if you want to know the exact prices for these peonies last year. Even if you don't want to spend that much on one peony (yet!), at least you can drool! Enjoy! (Also if you'd like your company to be listed here, please join the American Peony Society as a Commercial Member, since this is where I obtain my peony grower information.)

Peony Vendor
Price Change
from Last Year

Adelman some lower, some same
Blossom Hill mostly same
Brooks some lower, some same
Cricket Hill mostly lower
Fina mostly same
Hidden Springs some lower, some same
Hollingsworth mostly higher
Peony's Envy mostly same
Peony Shop Holland some same, some higher
Solaris Farms mostly lower, some higher
Song Sparrow some lower, some same
Swenson mostly same

Herbaceous PeonyPriceVendor
Alexander Woollcott$70.00Adelman
Alexander Woollcott$75.00Hidden Springs
Bob$125.00Hidden Springs
Dreamtime$130.00Solaris Farms
Early Canary$150.00Hollingsworth
Faithful Dream$200.00Hollingsworth
Garden Gem$150.00Hollingsworth
Golden Angel$90.00Solaris Farms
Golden Wheel$79.00Cricket Hill
John's DreamC$350.00Blossom Hill
Juliska$75.00Hidden Springs
Juliska$75.00Solaris Farms
Kathy's Touch$85.00Brooks
Kathy's Touch$100.00Hollingsworth
Kayleigh Ann$400.00Hollingsworth
Lemon Chiffon€27.00Peony Shop Holland
Lemon Chiffon$75.00Brooks
Lemon Chiffon$75.00Hidden Springs
Lemon Chiffon$75.00Solaris Farms
Lemon Chiffon$80.00Hollingsworth
Lemon Chiffon$85.00Adelman
Lemon Chiffon$125.99Song Sparrow
Little Corporal$120.00Solaris Farms
Lois' Choice$85.00Brooks
Lois' Choice$90.00Adelman
Lois' Choice$90.00Hollingsworth
Old Soldier$80.00Solaris Farms
Paeonia tenufolia rosea 'Kinlen'$150.00Solaris Farms
Pastelegance€200.00Peony Shop Holland
Pastelegance$200.00Solaris Farms
Pastelorama$180.00Solaris Farms
Peachy Rose$85.00Brooks
Pearled Lemon Cream$100.00Song Sparrow
Pink Bubbles$100.00Hollingsworth
Quitzin€75.00Peony Shop Holland
Red Hot Babe$90.00Solaris Farms
Solara$250.00Solaris Farms
The Natural$100.00Song Sparrow
Tropicana$70.00Solaris Farms
Vanilla Schnapps$115.00Solaris Farms
Vanilla Schnapps€225.00Peony Shop Holland

Friday, January 5, 2018

2018 Intersectional Peony Catalog Price Comparison List

The new year is upon us, and so is yet another white layer of winter weather. What better time to spend the snow day than creating my annual Intersectional Peony Price List? The online peony catalogs are coming online, but they are not all out yet. The vendors who don't have their lists up yet still have a line through them. I'll update this information as more online peony catalogs are updated and become available. If you'd like to compare this year's prices to last year's prices, here's a link to my 2017 Intersectional Peony Catalog Price Comparison List Enjoy! (Also if you'd like your company to be listed here, please join the American Peony Society as a Commercial Member, since this is where I obtain my peony grower information.)

Peony Vendor
Price Change
from Last Year

Adelman mostly same or lower
Birchwood same
Blossom Hill mostly same or higher
Brooks mixed same, lower, & higher
Cricket Hill mostly same
Fina mixed same, lower, & higher
Hidden Springs mostly lower or same
Hollingsworth mostly higher
Peony's Envy mostly same
Peony Shop Holland mostly lower
Solaris Farms mostly same or lower
Song Sparrow mixed higher, lower, & same
Swenson mostly same or lower

Intersectional PeonyPriceVendor
Al's Choice$85.00Brooks
Anderson's Kaleidoscope€35.00Peony Shop Holland
(Anderson's) Kaleidoscope$50.00Swenson
(Anderson's) Kaleidoscope$80.00Brooks
Ballarena de Saval$65.00Adelman
Bartzella€11.00Peony Shop Holland
Bartzella$40.00Solaris Farms
Bartzella$49.95Hidden Springs
Bartzella$75.00Song Sparrow
Bartzella$79.00Peony's Envy
Bartzella$89.00Cricket Hill
Berry Garcia$95.00Brooks
Border Charm€11.00Peony Shop Holland
Border Charm$40.00Adelman
Border Charm$40.00Swenson
Border Charm$60.00Song Sparrow
Border CharmC$90.00Blossom Hill
Callie's Memory€11.00Peony Shop Holland
Callie's Memory$35.00Solaris Farms
Callie's Memory$60.00Swenson
Callie's Memory$70.00Brooks
Canary Brilliants€15.00Peony Shop Holland
Canary Brilliants$50.00Solaris Farms
Canary Brilliants$55.00Adelman
Canary Brilliants$60.00Brooks
Canary Brilliants$60.00Swenson
Canary Brilliants$79.00Peony's Envy
Canary Brilliants$89.00Cricket Hill
Candy Cane$90.00Solaris Farms
Chief Black Hawk€125.00Peony Shop Holland
Chief Black Hawk$175.00Brooks
Chief Black Hawk$250.00Swenson
Cora Louise$59.95Hidden Springs
Cora Louise$60.00Adelman
Cora Louise$60.00Brooks
Cora Louise$60.00Hollingsworth
Cora Louise$60.00Swenson
Cora Louise$70.00Solaris Farms
Cora Louise$79.00Peony's Envy
Cora Louise$80.00Song Sparrow
Cora Louise$89.00Cricket Hill
Court Jester$40.00Swenson
First Arrival$40.00Solaris Farms
First Arrival$49.95Hidden Springs
First Arrival$50.00Swenson
First Arrival$60.00Hollingsworth
First Arrival$57.00Fina
First Arrival$60.00Adelman
First Arrival$79.00Peony's Envy
First Arrival$89.00Cricket Hill
First ArrivalC$130.00Blossom Hill
First Arrival$150.00Song Sparrow
Garden Treasure€11.00Peony Shop Holland
Garden Treasure$40.00Solaris Farms
Garden Treasure$49.95Hidden Springs
Garden Treasure$50.00Swenson
Garden Treasure$52.00Fina
Garden Treasure$60.00Adelman
Garden Treasure$60.00Brooks
Garden Treasure$70.00Hollingsworth
Garden Treasure$79.00Peony's Envy
Garden Treasure$85.00Song Sparrow
Garden Treasure$89.00Cricket Hill
Going Bananas€25.00Peony Shop Holland
Going Bananas$40.00Adelman
Going Bananas$50.00Swenson
Going Bananas$110.00Song Sparrow
Gordon E. Simonson$150.00Solaris Farms
Gordon E. Simonson$200.00Hollingsworth
Gordon E. Simonson$200.00Swenson
Gordon E. Simonson$225.00Adelman
Gordon E. Simonson€300.00Peony Shop Holland
Hidden Treasure$35.00Solaris Farms
Hidden Treasure$44.95Hidden Springs
Hillary€13.00Peony Shop Holland
Hillary$40.00Solaris Farms
Hillary$49.95Hidden Springs
Hillary$95.00Song Sparrow
Joanna Marlene€40.00Peony Shop Holland
Joanna Marlene$60.00Swenson
Joanna Marlene$75.00Fina
Joanna Marlene$75.00Solaris Farms
Joanna Marlene$80.00Adelman
Julia Rose€10.00Peony Shop Holland
Julia Rose$45.00Solaris Farms
Julia Rose$50.00Swenson
Julia Rose$54.00Fina
Julia Rose$75.00Adelman
Julia Rose$75.00Brooks
Julia Rose$79.00Peony's Envy
Julia Rose$85.00Song Sparrow
Julia Rose$89.00Cricket Hill
(Copper) Kopper Kettle€75.00Peony Shop Holland
(Copper) Kopper Kettle$84.95Hidden Springs
Kopper Kettle$99.00Adelman
Kopper KettleC$120.00Blossom Hill
(Copper) Kopper Kettle$150.00Swenson
Lemon Dream$35.00Adelman
Lemon Dream$45.00Fina
Lemon Dream$45.00Solaris Farms
Lemon Dream$55.00Brooks
Lemon Dream$50.00Swenson
Little Darlin'€25.00Peony Shop Holland
Little Darlin'$60.00Song Sparrow
Lollipop$44.95Hidden Springs
Lollipop$45.00Solaris Farms
Love Affair€75.00Peony Shop Holland
Love Affair$125.00Adelman
Love Affair$150.00Solaris Farms
Love Affair$170.00Hollingsworth
Lunar Glow$100.00Adelman
Magical Mystery Tour$75.00Solaris Farms
Mock Orange Yellow$50.00Solaris Farms
Momo Taro (Peach Boy)$75.00Solaris Farms
Morning Lilac$64.00Fina
Morning Lilac$65.00Adelman
Morning Lilac$75.00Swenson
New Millennium$120.00Solaris Farms
New Millennium$165.00Adelman
New Millennium$175.00Swenson
New Millennium$180.00Hollingsworth
Norwegian Blush$150.00Swenson
Old Rose Dandy€13.00Peony Shop Holland
Old Rose Dandy$35.00Brooks
Old Rose Dandy$40.00Adelman
Old Rose Dandy$40.00Solaris Farms
Old Rose Dandy$40.00Swenson
Old Rose Dandy$44.95Hidden Springs
Oriental Gold$119.00Cricket Hill
Pastel Splendor$35.00Solaris Farms
Pastel Splendor$40.00Swenson
Pastel Splendor$45.00Brooks
Pastel Splendor$42.00Fina
Pastel Splendor$45.00Adelman
Pastel Splendor$44.95Hidden Springs
Pastel Splendor$75.00Song Sparrow
Pastel SplendorC$80.00Blossom Hill
Prairie Charm€11.00Peony Shop Holland
Prairie Charm$40.00Swenson
Prairie Charm$44.00Hollingsworth
Prairie Charm$44.95Hidden Springs
Prairie Charm$95.00Song Sparrow
Rosy Prospects€40.00Peony Shop Holland
Rosy Prospects$45.00Adelman
Rosy Prospects$125.00Swenson
Royal Blush€75.00Peony Shop Holland
Royal Blush$125.00Swenson
Saffron Innocence$200.00Swenson
Scarlet Heaven€11.00Peony Shop Holland
Scarlet Heaven$35.00Solaris Farms
Scarlet Heaven$40.00Adelman
Scarlet Heaven$50.00Brooks
Scarlet Heaven$79.00Peony's Envy
Sequestered Sunshine$48.00Fina
Sequestered Sunshine$75.00Swenson
Sequestered Sunshine$95.00Brooks
Sequestered Sunshine$125.00Song Sparrow
Singing in the Rain$60.00Solaris Farms
Singing in the Rain$85.00Brooks
Smith Family Yellow$99.00Adelman
Sonoma Amethyst€30.00Peony Shop Holland
Sonoma Amethyst$65.00Adelman
Sonoma Amethyst$65.00Fina
Sonoma Apricot€30.00Peony Shop Holland
Sonoma Apricot$45.00Solaris Farms
Sonoma Apricot$49.95Hidden Springs
Sonoma Apricot$80.00Adelman
Sonoma Blessing$75.00Solaris Farms
Sonoma Blessing$80.00Adelman
Sonoma By the Bay$135.00Hidden Springs
Sonoma By the Bay$135.00Solaris Farms
Sonoma Floozy$65.00Adelman
Sonoma Halo$250.00Solaris Farms
Sonoma Halo$350.00Adelman
Sonoma Halo€400.00Peony Shop Holland
Sonoma Lavender Fancy$50.00Adelman
Sonoma Rosy Future$80.00Solaris Farms
Sonoma Rosy Future$84.95Hidden Springs
Sonoma Rosy Future$125.00Adelman
Sonoma Sun€30.00Peony Shop Holland
Sonoma Sun$45.00Adelman
Sonoma Surprise$150.00Adelman
Sonoma Velvet Ruby€30.00Peony Shop Holland
Sonoma Velvet Ruby$35.00Adelman
Sonoma Velvet Ruby$60.00Solaris Farms
Sonoma Welcome€30.00Peony Shop Holland
Sonoma Welcome$65.00Adelman
Sonoma Yedo$250.00Solaris Farms
Sonoma Yedo$350.00Adelman
Strawberry Blush$150.00Swenson
Unique€30.00Peony Shop Holland
Unique$50.00Solaris Farms
Viking Full Moon€15.00Peony Shop Holland
Viking Full Moon$40.00Solaris Farms
Viking Full Moon$40.00Swenson
Viking Full Moon$44.95Hidden Springs
Viking Full Moon$45.00Adelman
Watermelon Wine€50.00Peony Shop Holland
Watermelon Wine$99.00Adelman
Watermelon Wine$125.00Swenson
White Emperor$150.00Swenson
Yellow Crown$35.00Solaris Farms
Yellow Crown$44.95Hidden Springs
Yellow Dream$65.00Brooks
Yellow Emperor$35.00Solaris Farms
Yellow Emperor$45.00Swenson

Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 First Peony Order of the New Year

I did it! I went ahead and hit the order button on my first peony order of 2018! I took a quick peek at Solaris Farm's 2018 catalog, and I couldn't resist placing an order for Don Smith's Intersectional Peony 'Magical Mystery Tour' (and Intersectional Peony 'Mock Orange Yellow', while I was at it). I had actually ordered this peony, Intersectional Peony 'Magical Mystery Tour', almost 2 years ago from Select Plus in Canada, but they apparently stopped filling orders and shut down before my order ever shipped. At least I have the chance to order it again now. If only I could find a source for Don Smith's Intersectional Peony 'Scrumdidleyumptious' as well. That one looks awesome to me too. I guess it is that time of year for me to start working on my Intersectional Peony Price List. However if you are looking for a particular variety that may be limited, I would recommend you start looking around for it now, as many highly sought-after varieties will set out quickly. Good luck!!

Solaris Farm's Intersectional Peony Catalog

Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 Intersectional Peony Hybridizing Efforts

I meant to keep better records this year, I really did, but I didn't. Oh, well. I'm just lucky I got them in the ground! I know I had three types of intersectional peony crosses that were successful in producing seed this year: Peony 'Martha W.' X Tree Peony 'Angel Emily', Peony 'Martha W.' X Tree Peony 'Wisteria Reflections', and Peony 'Martha W.' X Nate Bremer's Rainbow (Tree Peony Pollen Mix). I wasn't able to get any seed from my Peony 'Lemon Chiffon' this year. It didn't have a good year for blooms. I can't remember if it was the cold or the rain, but Mother Nature got the blooms this year, and I wasn't able to hybridize with them. Hopefully better luck this coming spring...

Intersectional Peony Seed Harvest

I also can't remember how many of each seed I got/planted. I know the intersectional peony seed harvest count was much higher this year than last year. Last year I had 7 seeds with my first ever First Intersectional Peony Seeds!. This year, there were probably more than 30 seeds (20+ from Nate Bremer's Rainbow, 5+ from 'Angel Emily', and 5+ from 'Wisteria Reflections'). I harvested them at the end of July, but I didn't get them planted until about a month ago (late November). I think I waited a bit too long to plant them, as some of them had cracked open already. (Maybe those weren't the viable seeds anyway. Who knows???) The Tree Peony 'Wisteria Reflections' pollen and the Nate Bremer's Rainbow tree peony pollen were frozen from the 2016 APS Peony Convention Tour of Solaris Farms. The Tree Peony 'Angel Emily' pollen was fresh from my own tree peony that I've been growing since 2014. I'm guessing the turnout won't be great, but I still can't wait to see what comes up this spring. Maybe some of my 2016 intersectional seeds will sprout this year too! Happy New Year, everyone!

Intersectional Peony Seed Planting

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

2017 Southern Peony Flower Photos

Well, it's hard to believe that another year is drawing to a close. This year has been busier than I'd like, but still a good one for the most part. Hopefully most of you can say the same, and each of us can find something to be thankful for. Since I've not had much of a chance to make many updates here lately, I'm quite a bit behind on my yearly goal of getting out a new photo each month, so 12 per year. You may have noticed that I've put a couple out in the last few days. I'm still trying to meet my 12 photo goal, so you will likely continue to see a flurry of photos in these last few days of the year. You might have seen Peony 'Misaka', Peony 'Yellow Emperor', and Peony 'Sweet May' go up in the last week. Keep your eyes open, there will be a few more coming before year end! You can find these and the rest of our peony photos on our Photos Page. I hope you all enjoy. :-)

Peony 'Misaka' 美 (Beautiful Blossom)
Smith Opus 1

Peony 'Yellow Emperor'

Peony 'Sweet May'

Saturday, October 7, 2017

2017 American Peony Society Tour of Southern Peony's Garden

Southern Peony Gardens

APS Members Enjoying Watermelon
APS Tour of Southern Peony

Even though there was not a peony on any peony bush in my yard, I was still thrilled to give my fellow American Peony Society members a tour of my garden, here at Southern Peony. It was a bright day with blue skies, and thankfully, no rain. It was definitely on the warmer side. So I had plenty of watermelon (and water!) to try to keep people cool. Also I managed to save a few of my smaller peony side buds in the fridge (the main buds had to go into the American Peony Society Convention Flower Exhibition), for display in vases on my back deck.

Peony Side Buds in Blue Glass Vase
APS Tour of Southern Peony

APS Memebers in Intersectional Peony Garden
APS Tour of Southern Peony

I also made laminated peony signs to place all around my garden to show people what kind of peonies were planted where. I had signs for Intersectional Peonies, Pink Peonies, Red Peonies, Single Peonies, Double Peonies, Tree Peonies, etc. I think it was helpful for people to visualize what kind of peonies I grow. I was also very happy to have so many growers get a better look at how peonies grow here in the South.
Peony Signs
APS Tour of Southern Peony

Pecan Sandies and Watermelon
APS Tour of Southern Peony

I hope everyone was able to take away something from the Southern Peony garden tour, a new idea for their garden, a new peony they'd like to grow, a new perspective on growing peonies in warmer climates, or whatever it may be. I was certainly pleased to host everyone and had a great time showing you all my garden, and I hope everyone had a great time here as well. Thank you to the American Peony Society for giving Southern Peony this opportunity, and thank you to all of the APS Members that attended the 2017 APS Convention and the Southern Peony tour!

APS Members and Me
APS Tour of Southern Peony

P.S. - Thank you to my friend, Janice, and my sister in law, Caz, for taking these lovely photos!

Friday, June 16, 2017

2017 American Peony Society Convention Tour of Plant Delights Nursery & Juniper Level Botanic Garden

Tony Avent Leading the American Peony Society Tour
of Plant Delights Nursery

Everyone seemed to enjoy the witty antics and educational tour given by Plant Delights Nursery owner, Tony Avent. He showed off all kinds of rare plant hardier than their "normal" growing zones and told us about his current mission - to continue to find and spread rare plants far and wide for the people for prosperity for the earth's own genetic biodiversity. He also shared with us about his plans to end his nursery business within 10 years, while he's set up a fund that he would like to build up between now and then so that the Juniper Level Botanic Garden will be fully self funded and continue into perpetuity for all future generations to enjoy, share in, and learn from.

Canna Lilies at Plant Delights Nursery

Purple Flower at Plant Delights Nursery

Century Plant at Plant Delights Nursery

Tony also shared with us about his mission of busting gardening myths. Growing daylilies beside hostas (sun and shade) and acidic plants near basic ones. He likes to try to grow plants outside of their normal USDA growing zones. He shared with us that the Juniper Level Botanic Garden does not use any fertilizers whatsoever - that their focus is on the preparation of the soil, which is 50% local dirt (mostly sand where he lives) and 50% compost that is made on site.

Tony Concludes the American Peony Society Tour
of Juniper Level Botanic Garden

Tony also boasted that Juniper Level Botanic Garden is in the top %5 of gardens worldwide in terms of biodiversity, which is really impressive. (However I think he really want to be #1). :-) The garden includes over 22,000 taxa of plant life. After our tour, we all took a break in the shade and enjoyed our local NC Barbeque lunch with vinegar-based pulled pork barbeque, fried chicken, cole slaw, potato salad, and hush puppies. All in all, I think this might have been our best garden tour this year.
Daniel, Sheryl, Anna, Richard, John, & Adrienne
Me & Tony Avent
Nate, David, & Jim
Joyce, Jennifer, & Jeff
Eileen & Don
Louise, Kathleen, & Marie
Piet, Vriends, Lia, & Dick
Carolyn (My Grandma) & Me