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Saturday, May 7, 2022

2022 Planting Intersectional Peony 'Belle Toulousaine'

From my order of 2022 Spring Hill Nursery Sells 2 New Intersectionals - Peony 'Belle Toulousaine' & Peony 'Symphone Pourpre', one of the peonies arrived a couple of weeks ago, Peony 'Belle Toulousaine'. The other one did not come, as I got an out of stock notice for it, which was a bit disappointing, but I am grateful that one of them arrived at least (and from the photos, it looks like it might be the prettier one!)

Box from Spring Hill Nursery
with Intersectional Peony 'Belle Toulousaine'

Bagged Intersectional Peony 'Belle Toulousaine'

The plant was nicely boxed with breathing holes to prevent it from overheating. Inside the box, the plant was bagged, which surprised me, as the intersectional peonies that I've ordered from Spring Hill Nursery have usually been potted in previous years, 2019 Spring Hill Nursery Peony Order Arrives and 2020 Intersectional Peony 'Duchesse de Lorraine' Arrives from Spring Hill Nursery. However upon opening the bag, I could tell that this plant had recently been potted.

Unbagged Intersectional Peony 'Belle Toulousaine'

Intersectional Peony 'Belle Toulousaine' Roots and Stems

The roots were still in the shape of the pot it had been in. It looked as if this plant had been growing in a pot for quite some time, and it was removed from its pot and sealed in this bag just before shipping. I guess it saves them money on pots. Perhaps they will reuse them, which is fine with me, as I will just recycle the pot anyway. As long as the plant grows just as well, I suppose it doesn't matter. The bag also had some information about the peony printed on it:

Paeonia itoh 'rtpiv789-06

Light: Full sun to partial shade      Height: 36-40"
Depth: Crown 1-2" below soil line      Spacing: 4'

Intersectional Peony 'Belle Toulousaine' Bag Info

Planting Intersectional Peony 'Belle Toulousaine'

After I got it unbagged, I planted it right away. I dug a nice hole, added some organic flower fertilizer to the hole, and mixed it in. After I got the peony into the hole, I added part of the dirt around it. Then I added water to the planting hole. Adding water to the bottom of the hole will help the plant and roots retain some moisture deeper into the ground, which will help your new plant get a good start! Always remember to put water into the hole before you put all of the soil back!

Planting Intersectional Peony 'Belle Toulousaine'

Planting Intersectional Peony 'Belle Toulousaine'
Add Water to the Planting Hole

After the roots and surrounding dirt were thouroughly soaked, I added more dirt to the hole, then I added more water. Making sure to give your plant a good drink when it is first introduced to its new home is essential. As you can see on the first watering, the roots were still exposed, and on the second watering only the foliage was exposed. Then when I added the final layer of dirt, all of the peony was covered except the tip of one of the tiny foliage shoots (the other shoot was just barely under the dirt).

Planting Intersectional Peony 'Belle Toulousaine'
Add More Dirt to the Planting Hole

Planting Intersectional Peony 'Belle Toulousaine'
Add Even More Water to the Planting Hole

Planting Intersectional Peony 'Belle Toulousaine'
Add Even More Dirt to the Planting Hole

Now that my Intersectional Peony 'Belle Toulousaine' is fully planted, I can't wait to see how it grows (and blooms)!! It might still be a couple of years before I get a bloom on this one. It definitely won't bloom this year, and the plant may still be too small next year as well. The peony needs to reach a critical mass size to bloom. This can really depend on the peony variety (and it's growing conditions of course), but I'm sure it will be worth the wait! Come on, grow, grow! :-)

Planting Intersectional Peony 'Belle Toulousaine'

Friday, April 29, 2022

2022 First Bloom on Intersectional Peony 'Haleigh's Hallelujah'!!

I was excited to see what the first would look like on Intersectional Peony 'Haleigh's Hallelujah'. This first bloom on the plant actually opened about 2 weeks ago (on 4/14). I think it bloomed a bit ahead of normal, most likely to having been grown in a green house or perhaps a warmer climate, (but my guess is a greenhouse). It was an overcast day when I took this photo, so it's not quite as sunny and bright as most of my usual photos, but the flower does look quite nice.

Intersectional Peony 'Haleigh's Hallelujah'
First Bloom to Open 4/14

I can't say that the color is anything special, as it does seem to be in the same pink to yellow color family as the majority of other intersectional peonies. However it's most unique feature seems to be the picotee edging, which is quite unique! The blooms keep their picotee edge as the flower changes color as well (as it ages). I must say I don't have another peony quite like it. It does kind of remind me of Intersectional Peony 'Berry Garcia', (which I like a LOT), with a lot more petals and deeper colors.

Intersectional Peony 'Haleigh's Hallelujah'
First Bloom to Open 4/15

The flowers do seem to be quite full of petals, a nice full semi-double form to me. The petals open with a combination of pink cream, and seem to change to a pale pink edge changing over to light yellow. The picotee edge is not harsh and seems to fade into the other color, with an almost ombre like effect. I do like it, and am very glad I purchased it when I saw it, 2022 Intersectional Peony 'Haleigh's Hallelujah' at Local Nursery!

Intersectional Peony 'Haleigh's Hallelujah' Sign

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

2022 Intersectional Peony 'Haleigh's Hallelujah' at Local Nursery!

I couldn't really believe it, at first. An Intersectional Peony I've never seen before, for sale at my local nursery!?! I was actually interested in it, but then I saw the price tag $99, and it scared me off. There was also only 1 of this variety, and it looked at little smaller than the other intersectional peonies they were selling. I also didn't see a bloom bud on it. I believe I kept myself at a distance since the price was so high. So I actually left the nursery - Logan's Garden Shop, and went on shopping to see what else was being offered this spring.

Intersectional Peony 'Haleigh's Hallelujah' at Local Nursery

I actually went to Homewood Nursery to see what they were selling this year. I wasn't actually looking for a peony that day, when I found 2022 Peonies at Local Nurseries - Logan's Garden Shop & Homewood Nursery. I was really looking for anemones, the small, short growing single variety, in hot pink, red, and white. I had just seen them growing in nearby Edenton, NC when we took a weekend trip for our anniversary. Those anemones were so bright, and their colors just popped in the early spring garden, blooming with the snowdrops. Alas, I did not find any anemones, but I kept thinking about the Intersectional Peony, 'Haleigh's Hallelujah'...

Intersectional Peony 'Haleigh's Hallelujah' Plant Tag

I figured that no matter which catalog or grower I ordered this plant from, the price would probably be $50-$100 anyway, 2022 Intersectional Peony Catalog Price Comparison List (and actually I've never seen it offered before since I've been doing my intersectional peony price list - way back to 2013!) So even if someone did offer it, the price would likely be closer to $100 since it is still rare. Also you'd have to pay a shipping fee to get it to your house (on top of the price of the root). And - it would be a root, this one is a decent sized plant growing in a large 3 gallon pot!

Intersectional Peony 'Haleigh's Hallelujah'

Anyway, I rationalized my way back to Logan's Plant Shop! Ha Ha! 😃 Luckily, the plant was still there and had not been sold (since it was the only one of that variety). Also when I got back to it, I examined it a bit closer, and it did actually have some bloom buds on it. I was thinking earlier that it did not. I think I wouldn't really let myself get close enough to it to really look at it, since the price tag had scared me off! In the end I was able to purchase my very own Intersectional Peony 'Haleigh's Hallelujah', and I'm very glad I did, as it is actually a peony that was hybridized by my friend Don Smith, who I interviewed in 2016 Peony Hybridizer Interview - Don R. Smith. Intersectional Peony 'Haleigh's Hallelujah', was actually named after Don Smith's daughter - Haleigh!

I can't wait to grow it!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

2022 American Peony Society Convention Donation - Intersectional Peony 'Hillary'

This past Sunday I got an email request for donation from the American Peony Society (as all APS members should have received), and although I am not a commercial peony grower, and I definitely do not have fields or even a field of peonies, I still decided to donate a peony to the auction. If you are an APS member and have a home garden like me, I hope you too will consider donating a plant to the auction. Each year this APS auction is the main fundraiser for the APS organization, and it helps support the APS convention and bulletin publishing costs.

Intersectional Peony 'Hillary'

The peony that I decided to donate is Intersectional Peony 'Hillary'. It is definitely one of my favorite intersectional peonies, and it is also a Southern Peony Best Performer. This peony grows so well here that it will make a very large bush (which can also be divided). Even after division, this plant bounces back and keep on growing. The blooms on this plant are stunning, and as you can see from this photo (from our bloom season last year), the petals can slowly fade to an almost pastel like bloom, while the new flowers open a bright reddish-pink! This Intersectional Peony 'Hillary' is as stunning in person as it is in photos (or perhaps more)!

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

2022 Swenson Gardens Offer 43 Intersectional Peony Varieties for Sale!

Wow! It is a record! Swenson Gardens is offering 43 distinct varieties of Intersectional Peonies for sale this year in 2022! This is the first year since I've been tracking Intersectional Peony prices (way back in our Southern Peony 2013 Intersectional Peony Catalog Price Comparison List) that any peony grower has offered 40 or more intersectional peony varieties for sale. This really speaks to how popular this type of peony has become over the years. It brings joy to my heart to see this type of interest and availability in Intersectional Peonies, as this type of peony grows and performs really well here in the South!

Swenson Gardens Intersectional Peonies

From the Swenson Gardens web site and emails, it looks like this is their 20th anniversary as well. So if you are interested in seeing all 43 photos in their digital catalog - the entire Swenson Gardens Intersectional Peony 2022 offering on one page, head on over to the Swenson Gardens web site and click on their "INTERSECTIONALS" link. If you are interested to see how their prices stack up against other peony growers, be sure to check out our Southern Peony 2022 Intersectional Peony Catalog Price Comparison List.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

2022 Spring Hill Nursery Sells 2 New Intersectionals - Peony 'Belle Toulousaine' & Peony 'Symphone Pourpre'

When I was working on my Southern Peony 2022 Intersectional Peony Catalog Price Comparison List this week, I couldn't help but notice all of the new intersectional peony varieties on this list. I was curious to see if Spring Hill might be offering any of the new intersectional peony hybrids again this year. I was happily surprised to see they are offering for sale 2 new intersectional peonies I had never seen offered before - Intersectional Peony 'Belle Toulousaine' & Intersectional Peony 'Symphone Pourpre'.

Spring Hill Nursery Sells 2 New Intersectional Peonies
Peony 'Belle Toulousaine' & Peony 'Symphone Pourpre'

Intersectional Peony 'Belle Toulousaine' is on the Southern Peony 2022 Intersectional Peony Catalog Price Comparison List being sold by Peony Shop Holland, and Peony 'Symphone Pourpre' is not even on the list. I already had my eye on Peony 'Belle Toulousaine' being offered in Peony Shop Holland's 2022 catalog for €55.00 (about $62.74 USD today). Spring Hill Nursery is offering this Intersectional Peony 'Belle Toulousaine' variety for $79.99. They do however have a 10% off and free shipping sale going on, with coupon code 0477306. So with the lower price of $71.99 + free shipping, this seemed like a comparable price to Peony Shop Holland (when you add international shipping).

Spring Hill Nursery Coupon
10% Off Sitewide + Free Shipping on $50+

Plus with the opportunity to purchase Intersectional Peony 'Symphone Pourpre' as well, I just couldn't resist. 'Symphone Pourpre' translates from French to 'Purple Symphony' (and purple is my favorite color!). It looks like both of these varieties, Intersectional Peony 'Belle Toulousaine' & Intersectional Peony 'Symphone Pourpre', were created by French hybridizer Theirry Rat. I am grateful to see some new international intersectional peony varieties being introduced to the US.

Peony 'Symphone Pourpre' is described as:
"From our French breeder, Symphonie Pourpre is ‘Purple Symphony’, best appreciated, much like a full orchestra, as a whole plant exploding with notes of fuchsia purple. This is one of the most floriferous Itoh we have come across; the bush is covered in semi-double fuchsia flowers lightly edged with a creamy pink picotee."

Spring Hill Nursery Intersectional Offerings

Also if you search Spring Hill's site for the word "itoh" (another name for intersectional), you will find that they are actually offering several intersectional peony varieties. Please keep in mind however, that the intersectional peonies they are offering are likely cloned varieties and usually only have 1 stem. These will take much longer to get established than most roots sold from traditional peony farms. This year they are offering Intersectional Peonies 'Oochigeas', (which I purchased in 2019 Spring Hill Nursery Peony Order Arrives) 'Bartzella', 'Duchesse de Lorraine' (which I purchased in 2020 Intersectional Peony 'Duchesse de Lorraine' Arrives from Spring Hill Nursery), 'Symphonie Pourpre', 'Belle Toulousaine', 'New Millenium' and 'Joanna Marlene' (not shown). If you are able to plant these in a nice home and are able to wait a bit longer for them to get established, this might be a good chance to get some expensive or hard to find varieties for a reasonable price!

Sunday, January 16, 2022

2022 Intersectional Peony Catalog Price Comparison List

It's been a little over 2 years since I published my last Intersectional Peony Catalog Price Comparison List! I hope this list aids you in your 2022 intersectional peony purchasing selections! The vendors who don't have their lists up yet still have a line through them. I'll update this information as more online peony catalogs are updated and become available.

If you'd like to compare this year's prices to prices 2 years ago, here's a link to my 2020 Intersectional Peony Catalog Price Comparison List. Enjoy!

(Also if you'd like your company to be listed here, please join the American Peony Society as a Commercial Member, since this is where I obtain my peony grower information.)

Southern Peony 2022 Intersectional Peony Price List
Intersectional Peony 'Misaka' įžŽ (Beautiful Blossom)

Peony Vendor
Price Change
from Last Year

Adelman mostly lower or same
Blossom Hill same
Brooks mixed, lower, same, & higher
Cricket Hill same
Fina mixed, lower & higher
Hidden Springs higher
Hollingsworth mostly lower
Oh My Peonies mostly same
Peony's Envy same
Peony Shop Holland mostly lower
Solaris Farms mixed, lower & higher
Swenson mostly higher

Intersectional PeonyPriceVendor
Al's Choice$80.00Brooks
Al's Choice$85.00Swenson
Anderson's Kaleidoscope€18.00Peony Shop Holland
Anderson's Kaleidoscope$50.00Oh My Peonies
Anderson's Kaleidoscope$60.00Swenson
(Anderson's) Kaleidoscope$75.00Brooks
Bad Hair Day€60.00Peony Shop Holland
Ballarena de Saval$50.00Adelman
Bartzella$48.99Hidden Springs
Bartzella$50.00Oh My Peonies
Bartzella$79.00Peony's Envy
Bartzella$89.00Cricket Hill
Belle Toulousaine€55.00Peony Shop Holland
Bully Buck€750.00Peony Shop Holland
Border Charm$35.00Swenson
Border Charm$40.00Adelman
Border Charm$40.00Oh My Peonies
Callie's Memory$50.00Swenson
Callie's Memory$89.00Cricket Hill
Canary Brilliants$50.00Oh My Peonies
Canary Brilliants$55.00Adelman
Canary Brilliants$60.00Brooks
Canary Brilliants$79.00Peony's Envy
Caroline Constabel€55.00Peony Shop Holland
Cat Whiskers€130.00Peony Shop Holland
Chief Black Hawk$90.00Brooks
Chief Black Hawk€90.00Peony Shop Holland
Chief Black Hawk$95.00Swenson
Chief Black Hawk$100.00Adelman
Cora Louise$60.00Adelman
Cora Louise$60.00Brooks
Cora Louise$65.00Oh My Peonies
Cora Louise$79.00Peony's Envy
Cora Louise$89.00Cricket Hill
Court Jester$45.00Swenson
Court Jester$50.00Oh My Peonies
Danse Du Feu€55.00Peony Shop Holland
Dark Eyes$99.00Adelman
First Arrival$50.00Swenson
First Arrival$54.00Hollingsworth
First Arrival$58.00Adelman
First Arrival$60.00Brooks
First Arrival$60.00Fina
First Arrival$89.00Cricket Hill
Fruity Flash€50.00Peony Shop Holland
Garden Treasure$40.00Solaris Farms
Garden Treasure$48.99Hidden Springs
Garden Treasure$50.00Adelman
Garden Treasure$50.00Brooks
Garden Treasure$50.00Hollingsworth
Garden Treasure$79.00Peony's Envy
Going Bananas$35.00Swenson
Gordon E. Simonson€55.00Peony Shop Holland
Gordon E. Simonson$88.00Hollingsworth
Gordon E. Simonson$99.00Adelman
Gordon E. Simonson$100.00Solaris Farms
Gordon E. Simonson$100.00Swenson
Hidden Treasure$40.00Solaris Farms
Hillary$55.00Oh My Peonies
Hillary$89.00Cricket Hill
Joanna Marlene$50.00Fina
Joanna Marlene$55.00Adelman
Joanna Marlene$55.00Swenson
Joanna Marlene$60.00Solaris Farms
Julia Rose$40.00Swenson
Julia Rose$65.00Adelman
Julia Rose$65.00Brooks
Julia Rose$65.00Oh My Peonies
Julia Rose$79.00Peony's Envy
Kopper Kettle$45.00Fina
Kopper Kettle$95.00Oh My Peonies
Kopper Kettle$99.00Adelman
Kopper Kettle$150.00Swenson
Lemon Dream$34.00Fina
Lemon Dream$35.00Solaris Farms
Lemon Dream$36.00Adelman
Lemon Dream$40.00Swenson
Lemon Dream$50.00Brooks
Lavender Splash€130.00Peony Shop Holland
Lilac Flash€120.00Peony Shop Holland
Little Darlin'€25.00Peony Shop Holland
Little Edgy€150.00Peony Shop Holland
Lollipop$35.00Solaris Farms
Lollipop$45.00Oh My Peonies
Love Affair$60.00Hollingsworth
Love Affair$70.00Solaris Farms
Love Affair$85.00Adelman
Love Affair$90.00Brooks
Magical Mystery Tour$50.00Solaris Farms
Magical Mystery Tour$68.00Adelman
Mock Orange Yellow€100.00Peony Shop Holland
Morning Lilac$60.00Swenson
Morning Lilac$68.00Adelman
Morning Lilac$75.00Oh My Peonies
Momo Taro (Peach Boy)$52.00Fina
New Millennium$90.00Hollingsworth
New Millennium$99.00Adelman
New Millennium$100.00Swenson
New Millennium$125.00Oh My Peonies
New Millennium€185.00Peony Shop Holland
Norwegian Blush€28.00Peony Shop Holland
Norwegian Blush$50.00Swenson
Old Rose Dandy$35.00Swenson
Old Rose Dandy$40.00Adelman
Old Rose Dandy$40.00Brooks
Old Rose Dandy$40.00Oh My Peonies
Oneida Chief€50.00Peony Shop Holland
Oochigeas€55.00Peony Shop Holland
Pastel Lilas€55.00Peony Shop Holland
Pastel Splendor€22.00Peony Shop Holland
Pastel Splendor$35.00Swenson
Pastel Splendor$40.00Oh My Peonies
Pastel Splendor$44.95Hidden Springs
Pastel Splendor$48.00Adelman
Pastel Splendor$50.00Brooks
Pastel Splendor$56.00Fina
Pastel Splendor$89.00Cricket Hill
Peekaboo Flash€120.00Peony Shop Holland
Pink Flash€130.00Peony Shop Holland
Prairie Charm$30.00Swenson
Prairie Charm$40.00Oh My Peonies
Predawn Beauty$60.00Swenson
Raggedy Ann$75.00Oh My Peonies
Rosy Prospects$50.00Swenson
Royal Blush€35.00Peony Shop Holland
Royal Blush$50.00Swenson
Ruffled Flash€200.00Peony Shop Holland
Saffron Innocence$50.00Swenson
Scarlet Heaven$40.00Hollingsworth
Scarlet Heaven$40.00Swenson
Scarlet Heaven$48.00Adelman
Scarlet Heaven$79.00Peony's Envy
Scarlet Heights$75.00Swenson
Scrumdidleyumptious$100.00Oh My Peonies
Sequestered Sunshine$65.00Oh My Peonies
Sequestered Sunshine$85.00Brooks
Shining Light$30.00Swenson
Singing in the Rain$50.00Adelman
Singing in the Rain$50.00Oh My Peonies
Singing in the Rain$60.00Brooks
Smith Family Yellow$80.00Adelman
Smith Opus #1 (Misaka)$150.00Oh My Peonies
Smith Opus #2 (Treasure)$150.00Oh My Peonies
Soleil D'Ambre€55.00Peony Shop Holland
Son Flash€50.00Peony Shop Holland
Sonoma Amethyst€33.00Peony Shop Holland
Sonoma Amethyst$60.00Adelman
Sonoma Amethyst$60.00Fina
Sonoma Apricot$65.00Adelman
Sonoma Apricot$75.00Oh My Peonies
Sonoma Blessing€28.00Peony Shop Holland
Sonoma Blessing$35.00Solaris Farms
Sonoma By the Bay€28.00Peony Shop Holland
Sonoma By the Bay$80.00Solaris Farms
Sonoma Floozy$45.00Adelman
Sonoma Halo€55.00Peony Shop Holland
Sonoma Halo$150.00Solaris Farms
Sonoma Halo$185.00Adelman
Sonoma Rosy Future$40.00Solaris Farms
Sonoma Rosy Future$50.00Adelman
Sonoma Sun€33.00Peony Shop Holland
Sonoma Sun$40.00Adelman
Sonoma Surprise$125.00Adelman
Sonoma Velvet Ruby$35.00Adelman
Sonoma Velvet Ruby€40.00Peony Shop Holland
Sonoma Welcome$50.00Adelman
Sonoma Yedo€65.00Peony Shop Holland
Sonoma Yedo$185.00Adelman
Sonoma Yedo$199.00Oh My Peonies
Sonoma Yedo$250.00Solaris Farms
Strawberry Blush$99.00Adelman
Strawberry Blush$100.00Swenson
Strawberry Blush€150.00Peony Shop Holland
Strawberry Creme Brulee€55.00Peony Shop Holland
Sunrise Flash€130.00Peony Shop Holland
Sunset Flash€60.00Peony Shop Holland
Tonka Berry$100.00Swenson
Tonka Burst$150.00Swenson
Tonka Delicacy$150.00Swenson
Tonka Mulberry$200.00Swenson
Tonka Peach$300.00Swenson
Tonka Pink$100.00Swenson
Tonka Purple$500.00Swenson
Tonka Sublime$250.00Swenson
Tonka White$250.00Swenson
Viking Full Moon$40.00Oh My Peonies
Viking Full Moon$40.00Solaris Farms
Watermelon Wine$50.00Swenson
Watermelon Wine€55.00Peony Shop Holland
Watermelon Wine$75.00Adelman
Watermelon Wine$80.00Brooks
Watermelon Wine$85.00Oh My Peonies
White Emperor$75.00Swenson
Yankee Doodle Dandy$75.00Oh My Peonies
Yellow Crown$30.00Solaris Farms
Yellow Dream$60.00Brooks
Yellow Emperor$70.00Oh My Peonies

Sunday, December 19, 2021

2021 Peony 'First Arrival' Southern Peony Best Performer - Week 4

Peony 'First Arrival'
Southern Peony Best Performer

Peony 'First Arrival'
Southern Peony Best Performer

Intersectional Peony 'First Arrival' was supposedly the first ever intersectional peony that bloomed for Roger Anderson from his intersectional peony breeding attempts. It sure is a beauty, and I don't think I've seen another intersectional peony on the market with a color quite like this one. It has a very nice pink color with a bit of a lavender tint. Intersectional Peony 'First Arrival' was hybridized by Roger Anderson and registered with the APS in 1986.

Peony 'First Arrival'
Southern Peony Best Performer

Peony 'First Arrival'
Southern Peony Best Performer

This intersectional peony will fill up the bush with buds, which bloom over a few days giving a fresh set of blooms, while the old blooms fade cleanly from the bush all on their own. This Intersectional Peony 'First Arrival' grows well here in the South. My plant took a few years to settle in, but it really seems to be taking off now. The bush gets larger and has more blooms on it each year! The blooms on this plant are quite variable in number of petals and form, but most of them have a pleasing symmetrical shape with rounded petals. The very center of these blooms have small dark pink/purple flares, giving the blooms a delightful inner glow of color!

Peony 'First Arrival'
Southern Peony Best Performer

Peony 'First Arrival'
Southern Peony Best Performer

Thursday, May 14, 2020

2020 Giant Bloom on Intersectional Peony 'Gordon E. Simonson'

Intersectional Peony 'Gordon E. Simonson'

WOW! That's all I can really say about this Giant Bloom on my Intersectional Peony 'Gordon E. Simonson'. Of all the intersectional peonies I grow, the flowers on this one are definitely the largest. This is actually the first year this intersectional peony has bloomed for me. I first planted it in 2017, and it took until now to grow it to blooming size. The very first flower to open on this plant is super huge!! The petals on this flower just continued to grow and expand as it was open.

Intersectional Peony 'Gordon E. Simonson'

The color has faded some since it first opened, but for the most part, it has held the color pretty well, and is still a very nice shade. The substance on these petals is unbelievable! They are thick and really hold up well to the sun. This plant had 4 blooms on it for me this year, the first year that it has ever bloomed for me. What a giant stunner! I can't wait to see how this one does next year as well!! I wasn't sure if I would like this peony or not since it doesn't have a great name, but I am really impressed.

Intersectional Peony 'Gordon E. Simonson'

Sunday, May 10, 2020

2020 Intersectional Peony Blooms Week 7 Very Late

Never Have I Ever...
1. Never Have I Ever had 4 weeks of intersectional peony cultivar blooms opening for the first time, until 2 weeks ago!
2. Never Have I Ever had 5 weeks of intersectional peony cultivar blooms opening for the first time, until last week!
3. Never Have I Ever had an intersectional peony open for the first time in Week 6, Late Bloom Season, until 2 weeks ago!
4. Never Have I Ever had an intersectional peony open for the first time in Week 7, Very Late Bloom Season, until just this past week!!

Wow!!! This has really been an exceptional year for the peony bloom season. While there are a few other blooms left on some cultivars that starting blooming earlier in the season like Intersectional Peony 'Bartzella', these two peonies 'Chief Black Hawk' and 'Berry Garcia' opened their first blooms this past week in Week 7. I just can't believe it. The weather really does make a difference in when during the year your peonies will bloom, how fast (or slow) all of buds on the plant will open, and how long the blooms will stay on the plant before falling off. If you'd like to see how this year stacks up to some of the previous years here at Southern Peony, take a look at our Southern Peony Bloom Dates page. It shows which years had flowers in which weeks for the past 10 years! This is pretty much the end of the intersectional bloom season. However there are still some herbaceous lactifloras that haven't opened yet. So I'm still looking forward to Week 8, Very Very Late!

Intersectional Peony 'Chief Black Hawk'

Intersectional Peony 'Berry Garcia'