Wednesday, May 8, 2013

2013 Peony Single White Best Performer - Week 3

I don't think I can say enough about this peony to convey its value in the garden. However it's true identity remains a mystery to me. I originally purchased it from Gilbert H. Wild in 2007 as Peony 'Seraphim'. However after doing some research, it is definitely not 'Seraphim'. I took a look at Gilbert H. Wild's current catalog, and they only have 3 single peonies offered this year. It's definitely not Peony 'Isani-Gidui' or Peony 'Krinkled White', as these are mid and mid-late season peonies. This unknown variety is definitely early. So the only one it might be from this year's offerings is Peony 'Silver Shell'. I am tempted to order one of these roots for comparison purposes, but I'm quite sure that Gilbert H. Wild would just send me yet another mislabeled peony. I think they just pull their plants at random to fill orders! I will have to check out their catalog in future years for other possible identities. Anyway this particular peony is just stellar. It blooms for weeks, with a multitude of blossoms that are long lasting and gorgeous. The foliage is a lovely dark green, very tall and full. It is also very fertile, producing lots of seed. This peony has loads of buds per stem. So the blooms just keep coming and coming! If you have any ideas about this peony's true identity, I'm open to suggestions! :-)

Peony - Single White (Unknown)
Southern Peony Best Performer


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    1. Kimmie,

      I'm not sure. Do you grow Peony 'Stardust'? If so, did you purchase it from Gilbert H. Wild? I wonder if they sell that variety. According to, there seem to be 2 peonies that go by the name 'Stardust'. Are you referring the to Saunders hybrid or the Glasscock-Falk hybrid? The Saunders hybrid is described as yellow, and the pictures of the Glasscock-Falk hybrid seem to have a bit of pink, and my variety does not seem to have either yellow or pink in it. However the very last photo of the Glasscock-Falk hybrid on does resemble the plant I have quite a bit. I will have to do some more investigation.



  2. No, I do not grow Stardust. I saw only pictures of the plant from this website:

    If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see photos of Stardust in bloom which looks a lot like yours.

    1. Kimmie,

      Hmm... That does look very similar. Thanks for the link!