Wednesday, May 2, 2018

2018 Peony Blooms - Week 4 Mid

Well I was pretty much gone for most of this week's blooms since I was on my trip to China. So they are basically the pictures I captured on my very first day back. The garden was so beautiful, and there were so many peonies blooming. The sweet scent of peony blossoms wafting in the garden was just heavenly. Most of the peonies pictured here are oldies but goodies. Several of these are Southern Peony Best Performers - Peony 'Do Tell', Peony 'Kansas', and Peony 'Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt' all bloom and grow really well in our Southern climate here. Peony 'Pastelorama' bloomed for the first time for me this year, and definitely possesses a unique pastel peach coloring that I have not seen in any of the herbaceous peonies I've grown before.

Peony 'Lemon Chiffon'

Peony 'Miss America'

Peony 'Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt'

Peony 'Do Tell'

Peony 'Kansas'

Peony 'Many Happy Returns'

Peony 'Pastelorama'

Peony 'Lake o' Silver'

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