Tuesday, May 29, 2018

2018 American Peony Society Convention Tours Sebright Gardens

Sebright Gardens
American Peony Society 2018 Convention Tour

I missed the first day's activities for the American Peony Society Annual Convention due to a cancelled flight. So my first activity during the 2018 Convention was the first tour bus stop on Thursday morning. We went to visit Sebright Gardens in Salem, Oregon. Their web site says they specialize in hostas and ferns, but they seemed to have a fair number of iris too (and a few peonies tucked here and there). They had a long greenhouse full of an assortment of plants that I tried not to look in, since I was trying not to have to ship any potted plants home. I'm sure I would have come away with a wheelbarrow full if I was driving home! They offered complimentary coffee and cookies for the APS members on the tour which was quite nice.

Sebright Gardens Iris Field

I believe the tours were self guided here, and most APS members found their way around the place on tiny gravel paths meandering here and there. There was a wide array of plants being grown in their garden as well, with many beautiful varieties in bloom at the time of our tour. You could find roses, clematises, peonies, irises, rhododendrons, poppies, lilies, and much more. The best part about this garden, though, I have to say were the beautiful white peacocks at the bottom of the hill. Although they were encased in an ugly assortment of wood and metal, their beauty could not be bound by their cage. They were just gorgeous. What a wonderful tour indeed. :-)

White Peacock at Sebright Gardens


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    1. Pionisten,

      Thank you very much! I enjoyed taking them, and I'm glad to know I can share the joy!