Wednesday, April 17, 2019

2019 Fake Chinese Tree Peonies on Ebay

Herbaceous Foliage, Fake Chinese Tree Peonies

Remember those tree peonies on Ebay I just had to have (2019 Planting Chinese Peonies from Ebay)? This is probably not a surprise to anyone, but they were fakes. :-( That's too bad since I have never seen that fully double bomb type purple tree peony offered for sale in the US before. I still would really like to be able to grow it. One of my readers seems like they may have a lead on it for me. So let's see if I am ever able to acquire one. I just wanted to let you all know in case you thought about buying one. They are just herbaceous peony roots. I don't know what color they might be, but all 4 roots I received appear to be the same herbaceous peony or rootstock.

Herbaceous Foliage, Fake Chinese Tree Peonies

I guess the only interesting thing about these peony roots is that they came with a couple of lily bulb sections in the box (accidental or bonus - I'm not sure). So I decided to plant them to see if they would grow. As you can see they did grow, but I'm guessing it might be a while before they turn into blooming plants. I am curious to see what kind of of lily they are and what color they will bloom. I guess I can say the same thing for the peonies as well. Only time will tell if they are anything of value that is worth growing. My guess is they will be a hot pink single, but who knows?

Herbaceous Foliage, Fake Chinese Tree Peonies
Lily Bulb Sprouts Growing in the Center


  1. Hi there, thank you for your post. Did you like what this plant turned out? It looks like I have the same one and was just curious. I have no idea what kind of peony it'll pop out. :)

    1. Hello,

      This plant did not bloom for me this year in 2020. So I am still waiting to see what it turns out to be. I will try to write a post on these whenever they do bloom.