Monday, April 29, 2019

2019 Children in the Peony Garden

Maddox in Peony Seedling Bed

They are just too cute and young and innocent. It makes me so happy to see little ones in the garden, especially when the peonies are blooming. I just can't help but snap photos of them when the flowers are out and open. They are happy to oblige me when I ask them to pose with the peonies, sometimes even asking me to take their picture with the flowers. I can remember when Isabella was shorter than a peony plant, now she's almost taller than me! Maddox found one peony that was taller than him in the peony seedling bed, but this will probably be the last year that he is that small. They grow up so fast! I am trying to enjoy them as much as I can. I know they will only be young once, and I am always thinking about how I will miss them when they are small.

Isabella with Intersectional Peony 'Smith Family Yellow'

It was also nice to have so many kids in the garden this year at Easter. It reminded me of the Easter I used to have when I was a child at my Granny's (great grandmother's) house. All of my cousins would be there along with my brother and me. Granny loved to grow flowers too, and we would always hide some of the brightly colored Easter eggs in her colorful flowers every year (even though she told us not to every year). What better hiding spot for a colorful Easter egg than in a flower bed? :-) We hid the Easter eggs in my flowers this year as well. I usually find the missing Easter eggs that were too well hidden in my garden throughout the year. I've found 3 already this the past week! Oh, to be a child again and hunt Easter eggs in the garden!

Children Hunting Easter Eggs in the Peony Garden

I Found One!

Children Hunting Easter Eggs in the Peony Garden

Children Hunting Easter Eggs in the Peony Garden

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