Monday, January 7, 2019

2019 Planting Chinese Peonies from Ebay

Chinese Tree Peony Order on Ebay

So I ordered these tree peonies on Ebay last August, and I just got around to planting them on the first of the year. I guess you could say I'm thinking these probably won't be correct. There weren't cheap, but they weren't that expensive either. Each of the orders was for 2 roots and it was $22.99 with free shipping. So I ended up with 4 roots altogether, but after opening the box and looking at the roots, I wasn't very motivated to plant them since they didn't really look like tree peonies to me. They looked like herbaceous roots. Also all 4 roots were in the same bag, and none of them were labeled for variety. I figured these were probably too good to be true, but I haven't seen anyone else offering tree peonies like these, and I actually did see the purple tree peony on my trip to China, 2018 Southern Peony Visits Shenzhou Peony Garden 神州牡丹园, (and it was my most favorite peony that I saw on the whole trip).

Chinese Purple Tree Peony

The color of the purple tree peony I photographed is not quite this blue toned (so obviously this photo was altered), but it was a lovely shade of lavender-pink-purple and it has this same "bomb" type peony flower form. So I had to try anyway since I really, really want one of those purple tree peonies. Who knows if I will ever find one, though? The roots however were a solid mass of crown with tons of eyes on them, no woody stems, and very little to no feeder roots. I'm sure they will live, but they will probably take many years to flower, and most likely they will be some type of herbaceous peony. I feel a little disappointed already, but my quest for the purple bomb type tree peony will go on, and I will just add the results of these roots to my 2018 Ebay Peony Seller Reviews, whenever they bloom and show their true colors!

'Qui Ball' Light Pink Tree Peony


  1. I think your favorite purple tree peony is "Shou An Hong" (首案红).
    It has distinct purple roots. I have one friend who import this peony last year. If you want, I can send you her contact info.

    1. Bin,

      Yes, that would be awesome. Do they know if they got the correct variety yet? And do you think they might be able to get another?

      Yes, please send them my info, I'd love to have a chance to grow this variety!

      Thank you!


    2. Adriana,

      This variety has a distinct purple root. You can know if it is a correct variety by the color of the peony root yourself. They imported directly from peonies grower in Luoyang/Hezhe. From my experiences, they got the correct variety. The inconveniences are that all communications are in Chinese language. They often form a group purchase in The imports for 2019 has not start yet. I will contact them to see how you can buy one and email you later. Thanks!

    3. Bin,

      That would be awesome! Thank you very much. Also my husband speaks Chinese as well, as he is from Shanghai if that is of any help.