Thursday, February 1, 2018

2018 Technology in the Peony Garden

Today being the first day of February, and my dead peony stems having not been cut down yet, well, it seemed like the right day to do it. Spring will be here before we know it - no matter what Sir Walter Wally, the groundhog, says tomorrow. The weather man said that today's high of 59 would be the warmest day in the next 7 days. So it seemed like a great day to take advantage of the nice weather and get caught up on a gardening chore that I am exceptionally behind on. Being so behind, at first I just started to cut the stems to get it done as quickly as possible, intentionally skipping the recording of the number of peony stems, but then I had an idea...

Technology in the Peony Garden
Voice Dictated Memo Recording Peony Stem Counts

I decided to use my phone as a way to dictate the data, saving myself the trouble and time of printing out a chart, carrying a clipboard and pen into the garden, and taking the time between each plant to make the record (and trying to find my pen!) I once dreamed of bringing a tablet into the garden during my 2015 Peony Clipboard Data Entry, but now modern mobile phones are basically mini tablets. The smaller size made it even more convenient because I could just stow my phone in my pocket between clips, eliminating the need to carry and keep up with a tablet. Using the voice record feature in the Memo app, I just spoke all of my notes, and the phone typed them for me. Now that I've seen the light - the ease of using technology in the garden, I may never look back. Plus I'll be saving some trees and money in the process by eliminating the need for paper. It feels good all the way around. Have you used technology to help in the garden? If so, in what ways have you used technology in the garden and how has it helped you?

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