Sunday, February 25, 2018

2018 Record High Temperatures Help Tree Peonies Unfurl in Feburary

Tree Peony 'Yao Huang' 姚黃 (Yao's Yellow)

Today was our last day of 70 degree temperatures. Next week we'll be back in the 60s and 50s for the high. However as you can see from our 5 Day Forecast that we had earlier, we've been enjoying about a week of 70 degree temperatures. We had 3 days with record breaking high temperatures this February, and we went from winter to spring in 1 week flat. Let's hope Mother Nature is a bit more kind this year than she has been in previous years with those late killing frosts, 2017 Protect Peonies from Super Cold Overnight Temps.

February 21 - 5 Day Forecast

I don't see any below freezing overnight temperatures in the upcoming 10 day forecast. So there may be a chance that winter really is over here for 2018. I think Sir Walter Wally (North Carolina's groundhog) may have been right this year about the early spring. I sure am hoping that spring is here to stay (since that will mean more peony blooms in the garden). If the cold weather is gone for the season, we won't lose any peony buds to bud blast from a late spring freeze. I can only dream of how nice the peonies will look in the garden since we haven't had late cold bud-blast free peony season in years!

Tree Peony 'Kamata-nishiki' 鎌田錦


  1. I was wondering if the temperature is too high for some time, e.g., 80 F, will that affect negatively the peony growth? I ask this because I have some potted tree peonies indoor and the room temperature is 75-80 with winter heating.

    1. N Tang,

      I'm not sure what the temps are outside, but it wouldn't hurt to let your potted peonies get some chilling hours. A transition from cooler temps and shorter days to warmer temps and longer days is what helps signal all plants about the changing of the seasons and when it is time to sprout.