Monday, May 25, 2015

2015 Peony Blooms Week 6 - Late

We continue this week with lots more lactiflora peonies in bloom. With it being almost June, the weather is much warmer. We had two days in the 90s, two days in the 80s, and three days in the 70s. The 90 degree days were really hard on the peonies with blooms wilting much faster. Also most of the week 6 late bloomers this year are usually my week 7 very late season bloomers. So the weeks have definitely merged together, and my peony bloom season is coming to a close. There are still a few bright spots in the garden with the bright hot pinks of Peony 'Paul M. Wild' and Peony 'Mons. Martin Cahuzac'. Also the pure white blossoms of Peony 'Elsa Sass' and Peony 'White Frost' still draw the eye.
Peony 'Pink Parasol Surprise'
Peony 'Mons. Martin Cahuzac'
Peony 'Paul M. Wild'
Peony 'Vivid Rose'
Peony 'Elsa Sass'
Peony 'White Frost'

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