Monday, August 19, 2013

2013 Southern Peony Logo & Photos

Some work I've been doing for the American Peony Society has inspired me to spruce up my own web site a bit. Not only does Southern Peony have a spiffy new logo, but we also have new larger pictures with a Southern Peony watermark. With the additional security of a watermark, I'm able to bring bigger and more useful photos to you! You can check out the new, larger, watermarked photos on our Photos page. In case you haven't noticed, we update the photo on the Southern Peony main page every month with a new photo. These photos go into the Southern Peony photo archive on our Photos page to help you identify peonies, peruse the pictures to see what's available, and maybe plan your future peony purchases!!! ;-)

Southern Peony Logo

Southern Peony Photos

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