Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013 New Coral Peony Sun Garden

I've been growing most of my coral peonies in my peony moon garden (a half-moon shaped bed near the edge of my woods). At first they were doing well here, but it seems like they are now either starting to decline or not increasing. So I decided to move them to another more sunny location, and give them a bed all their own. It's almost fall here. The weather seems like it has started to cool down. Don't get me wrong, it's still quite hot, but we've come off of our highs a bit. So it's beginning to be the perfect season for moving peonies. My plan is to move all of the herbaceous peonies out of my moon shaped peony garden near the edge of the woods and replace them with tree peonies. I don't have many tree peonies right now. So I'm planning on acquiring some (hopefully) this fall.

Existing Peony Moon Garden

So the first step, moving the herbaceous peonies out of this location has begun. Hopefully these coral peonies will be much happier in their new sunnier location with less root competition. I moved Coral 'n' Gold, Coral Charm, Coral Magic, Coral Supreme, Pink Hawaiian Coral, and Salmon Surprise. If there's one thing I've learned about herbaceous hybrid and lactiflora peonies over the years is they need sun! So if you've got a peony in a spot that is too near a tree, you should definitely move it to a separate, sunnier location. It will definitely be much happier with the additional sun and less competition for moisture and nutrients!

New Coral Peony Sun Garden

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