Friday, August 30, 2013

2013 New Fall Growth on Purple English Tree Peony

When watering my garden earlier this week, I noticed some new fall growth on one of the Purple Tree Peony Seedlings From Ebay UK. All of the existing foliage had already died back. This was probably due to the stress of shipment during the summer and the adjustment to a new climate. Anyway it's still alive! That's good news. I just hope these guys come back in the spring! One of them has two new leaves on it, and the other one doesn't have any active growth. Let's hope that one has just gone dormant for the year. It's nice to have something happening in the garden with peonies at this time of year. All the rest of my peonies are pretty inactive since things are winding down for peonies about now. The next thing will be the colorful fall foliage, which I'm looking forward to!

Purple Tree Peony Seedlings from UK

New Growth on Purple Tree Peony Seedling


  1. I've seen that quite a bit and it usually happens when the root system is shocked and the main leaves die leading to survival growth which is a good thing since it shows that it is recovering, but don't expect next year's growth to be that impressive.

  2. Steve,

    That's interesting. Two years ago I actually had a Fall 'Yellow Crown' Peony Bloom. Have you ever experienced this before? I wonder if it was from stress too. It didn't happen again last year....


    1. I've seen some of my herbaceous put out a small fall bloom before, but it's still kind of rare. I'm actually getting the same thing happen on a couple of my tibetian yellow tree peonies where the top leaves just don't look that good anymore, not dead, but there's a rush of new shoots coming in from the bottom perhaps because the shoot got too tall, and can no longer sustain apical dominance.