Sunday, February 3, 2013

2013 Questions - Where to Buy Peony Seeds

I received this question from Courtney in Zone 7:
"My father is interested in purchasing some peony seeds. He has always been into flowers and gardening and its evident by his yard. His favorite are peonies and he has just become interested in trying to grow them from seeds. I found your site online today after he requested that I try to find some catalogues or places where he could buy seeds. I’m not sure if you sell them or could help me in finding a place that sells them. I would appreciate your advice!"

The places that come to my mind for buying peony seeds are either on Ebay or the APS Seed Distribution Program. Doing a quick search on Ebay, there are lots of peony seeds you can buy from China. Also there are some peony seeds offered from Hirt's Gardens (based out of Ohio) on Ebay. Thanks to your inquiry, I decided to purchase a few of these seeds myself.

Peony Seeds for Sale on Ebay

You may want to check out my previous posts on the 2010 APS Peony Seed Program and 2012 APS Convention Peony Seed Sale . Also you DO need to be an APS member to participate in the APS Seed Distribution Program. The costs of the APS seeds are typically very affordable (usually $2-$3 per pack + shipping). If your father is not already a member of the American Peony Society, an APS Membership would make a great gift! I do not sell any peony seeds myself, and although I cannot personally vouch for the outcomes from any of the seeds you might buy, the costs of your endeavor should be low and the rewards great, provided you have the time. Peony seeds typically take 3-5+ years to develop into a flowering plant. I'd love to see any pictures from the fruits of your labors. Good luck! :-)


  1. Are your new seeds starting to sprout yet down in the south? My tree peony seeds typically come up from late February through March depending on the year so I'm guessing that you have some coming up already eh?

  2. Steve, I checked, but there's nothing coming up yet. It has been pretty cold these last few weeks. I feel like the Groundhog probably saw his shadow here this year! I just checked and he did. LOL!

  3. I have 12 peony from seeds this 2 year for some are 3 year old I enjoy see them grow must close got go work

  4. Launaa May 8 2018 I am growing peony from seeds this is 3 year . I Have about 10 up

    1. Launa,

      That is exciting! I'll be curious to know how they turn out.