Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 Peony in Other Languages

Thinking about peonies and growing them all over the world, I wondered what the translations were for peony in other languages. These translations are credited to the translation site Babylon. Have another language to add? Please contact me. In recognition of all of Southern Peony's multinational visitors, I've just added a "Translate" option to our site to make reading in other languages easier. Also I'm interested to know how peonies are used in your country, what their value and meaning is locally and nationally where ever you are on the globe. If I get enough stories, I will try to publish some of them here. So please write in and let me know how you use peonies, who the big growers are, where peonies grow best, favorite named varieties, or whatever information you'd like to recount that tells what peonies mean to your country and/or culture!

Languages of the World
Peony in English peony, paeony
Peony in Arabic عود الصليب نباتة
Peony in Bulgarian божур
Peony in Catalan peònia
Peony in Chinese 牡丹
Peony in Croatian božur
Peony in Dutch pioenroos
Peony in French pivoine
Peony in German Pfingstrose
Peony in Greek παιωνία
Peony in Hebrew אדמוני
Peony in Hindi peony
Peony in Hungarian pünkösdi rózsa
Peony in Italian peonia
Peony in Japanese 牡丹
Peony in Korean 모란
Peony in Mongolian цээнэ цэцэг
Peony in Persian گل صد تومانی
Peony in Polish piwonia
Peony in Portuguese peônia
Peony in Romanian bujor
Peony in Russian пион
Peony in Serbian Bozur
Peony in Spanish peonía, saltaojos
Peony in Swedish pion
Peony in Thai โบตั๋น
Peony in Turkish şakayık
Peony in Ukranian Півонія
Peony in Vietnamese cây mâu đơn

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