Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 Peony Spreadsheet Data Entry

I spent some time last night and today working on my peony data spreadsheet. I put in all of the data from last peony season - last year (2012). I also spent some time catching up from 2011. I had recorded all of the bloom and stem count data manually on paper, but had not yet transferred it into my computer. Once I have all of the data in my spreadsheet, I can also calculate the bloom offset. One day I would like to convert the spreadsheet into a database so that I can use it to analyze the growth of the different peony species in my climate. I would also like to be able to automatically pull that data from the database and manipulate however needed to put into various pages on this web site. We did get a new iPad for Christmas this year. If I really get myself in gear, maybe I can use that to input data into the spreadsheet/database while I'm out in the garden. That would be nice! However it might be a little hard convincing my fiancée to let me take it out there. Maybe I'll have to get my own - for garden use only! :-)
Peony Data Spreadsheet

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