Saturday, June 5, 2010

2010 APS Grand Champion Peony - Flying Pink Saucer

Flying Pink Saucer

Flying Pink Saucer is the Grand Champion of the 2010 American Peony Society National Convention. This flower was hybridized by William Krekler and Roy Khlem. I guess it is fitting since the peony convention is here in Wisconsin, and Roy gave everyone at the convention a personal tour of his farm. I'm sure he's thrilled. Roy gave the talk on my tour bus, and he was quite entertaining. The flower seems to be listed for sale on his web site currently, name misspelled. I am guessing this one may sell out this year. It is listed as a double on his web site, although the bloom displayed at the convention was semi-double, and the APS registry description lists it as semi-double as well. It is a beautiful flower, though. Check it out...

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