Thursday, August 30, 2018

2018 Peony 'Pink Double Dandy' aka 'Keiko' for Sale at Song Sparrow

Klehm's Introduces New Itoh Peonies for Sale

Finally! My favorite intersectional peony so far, Peony 'Pink Double Dandy' also known as Peony 'Keiko' is for sale at Klehm's Song Sparrow. They just sent out a note this afternoon saying that they'd just added it to their catalog. This is the first time in 5 years that a peony grower has offered it in their catalog. I've been doing my intersectional peony Price Lists since 2013, and this is the first time it has ever been on the list. (I just updated the list today to include these 2 new offerings.) This peony is a Southern Peony Best Performer, 2015 Peony 'Keiko' (Adored) Best Performer - Week 4, and several people have asked me how to get their hands on one. Before now, you would have had to purchase your plant from a local nursery that carried Monrovia plants and found it for sale as Peony 'Keiko' (that's how I got mine) or been lucky enough to purchase it at an APS auction (ultra-rarely offered there either).

Peony 'Pink Double Dandy'
aka 'Keiko'™ 愛幕 (Adored)

While the photos of the peony in Klehm's email are very pretty, they just don't do the flower justice. Take a look at the photo above of Peony 'Pink Double Dandy' aka Peony 'Keiko'™ 愛幕 (Adored) that was taken in my garden this year. If you're still looking for this peony, now's your chance to snag one. I really think this peony has the potential to become an APS Gold Medal winner. It blooms for weeks, has very full double flowers, and holds its color well. In addition to 'Pink Double Dandy', it looks they are offering another selection by hybridizer Don R. Smith. (Read more about Don in my interview with him here, 2016 Peony Hybridizer Interview - Don R. Smith.) Klehm's Song Sparrow is also offering intersectional Peony 'Yankee Doodle Dandy'. According to my Price Lists, this one has only been offered once in the last 5 years, in 2013 by Peony's Envy. So this is another rare opportunity to snag another one of Don Smith's gorgeous Itohs. I just might have to snag this one myself. ;-)

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