Sunday, October 21, 2018

2018 American Peony Society Fall Auction

If you haven't checked out the 2018 American Peony Society Fall Online Auction yet, today is your last chance! There are several nice selections up for bid, including some Southern Peony Best Performers, like Peony 'Hillary' (#14), 'Julia Rose' (#15). The latest APS Gold Medal Winner, Pietertje Vriend Wagenaar (#18) is even up for bid! There are also some great past American Peony Society Gold Medal Winners on the auction block, including 'Elsa Sass' (#1), 'Do Tell' (#3), 'Eliza Lundy' (#4), 'Garden Treasure' (#9), 'Seashell' (#13), 'Bowl of Cream' #20, 'Coral Charm' & 'Coral Sunset' (#24), 'White Cap' (#28), and 'Miss America (#30).

2018 American Peony Society Online Fall Auction

There are also lots of Intersectionals 'Sonoma By the Bay (#23), Pastel Splendor (#35), Sonoma Halo (#38) and Tree Peonies 'Golden Experience' (#5), 'Tria' (#6), Paeonii ostii (#11), Icarus (#16), Boreas (#25), Fuchsia Ruffles (#27), and Black Panther (#36). If you haven't found enough of a reason to check out the auction, there are also several American Peony Society Best In Show winners in this year's lineup as well. If you're interested in growing a prize winning peony, one of these Best in Show varieties might be your ticket! - 'Red Charm' (#4), 'Salmon Dream' (#9), or 'Boreas' (#25). If showing isn't your thing, and you're more interested in wild & crazy, check out 'Spiffy' (#3), 'Candy Stripe' & 'Fiber Optic' (#7), and Kirinmaru (#20). Also let's not forget about the American Peony Society ALM winners which have a collection all their own, 'Krinkled White', 'Roselette', & 'White Cap' (#28).

2018 American Peony Society Online Fall Auction Catalog

If you haven't found a reason to run, not walk, yourself over to the 2018 American Peony Society Fall Online Auction yet, there are even more varieties than what I've named here, including some advanced generation herbaceous hybrids. The APS Fall Online Auction includes 42 lots in all, but 77 peonies in all! This is definitely a great member benefit and opportunity to find that one (or two or three) last peonies to plant before 2018 is over! It's also a great way to support your club, The American Peony Society. All auction plants are donated by APS Members and all funds raised by the auction go directly to support the APS. The plants (and free shipping) are all donated by our member donors, and we owe all of them a great big THANK YOU!

2018 American Peony Society Online Fall Auction Donors

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