Tuesday, May 5, 2020

2020 Peony 'White Cap' Has Loads of Blooms, But They're All Over the Floor

Peony 'White Cap'

The blooms on this Peony 'White Cap' are just gorgeous, and it seems to be a very vigorous and floriferous bloomer here in the South. However it definitely does not stand up well. The stems actually seem pretty strong, but the problem seems to be at the very base of the stem, which is where they all seem to bend. Each stem carries multiple, multiple buds and blooms, with 3 buds or more on each stem! I will definitely try to put a peony ring on this plant next year to see if it is happier and more presentable next time. If you're willing to stake and support this Peony 'White Cap', the color combination on these blooms is quite striking, a bold hot pink tone with a (mostly) white center!!

Peony 'White Cap'
Stems Spread Flat on Ground


  1. 'White Cap' is one of my favorites, and I used to stake each stem so it would stand up. It has a great fragrance and each of its stems is a bouquet. I dug it up last fall after 10 years because I wanted something shorter in the spot where it grew. For most fragrant peony lovers, 'White Cap' is worth the extra fuss.

    1. Petal Talk,

      You are right there is a bouquet on every stem of this peony beauty! It does have a very interesting fragrance as well! Thank you for your added input on this cultivar, Peony 'White Cap'!