Saturday, May 2, 2020

2020 Peony Blooms Week 6 Late

We have had quite the season so far. This past week has stayed relatively mild, with temps in the 70s or below. There have only been a few days in the 80s all spring thus far, and while they are calling for an 80 degree day tomorrow, all of the days next week will be below 80! This has made for a really long peony season this year, quite unlike any I've ever seen, and for some really confused peonies. As you can see below my Peony 'Sweeet May' and Peony 'Garden Peace' both bloomed this week. Looking at my Southern Peony Bloom Dates, they usually bloom in Week 3 (Early Mid) and Week 4 (Mid), respectively. The out of order blooms don't bother me, I am just enjoying the extra time with the flowers in the garden. :-)

Peony 'Many Happy Returns'

Peony 'Garden Peace'

Peony 'Guidon'

Peony 'Super Gal'

Peony 'Coral 'N Gold'

Peony 'Sarah Bernhardt'

Peony 'Victoire de la Marne'

Peony 'Sweet May'

Peony 'Old Faithful'

Peony 'Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt'

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