Friday, March 29, 2019

2019 First Peony Bloom of the Season!

Yay! It's finally here! I have been anticipating this moment for quite some time, and now it is here. I thought I'd be ready this year, but for some reason I am already feeling behind. I have a large load of free mulch sitting in my driveway (which I am very thankful for), and I have a new job I just started 2 weeks ago (which I am also very thankful for), and now it is peony season (which I am also very, very thankful for). Let's just say there's a lot going on right now... I guess that's how it usually goes, though. Feast or famine. The trick is not to eat too much at the feast, I guess. (And maybe save a little for the famine...)

First Bloom of the Season
Tree Peony 'White Phoenix'

Anyway, Tree Peony 'White Phoenix' was the first peony to bloom in my garden this year, pretty much the same as last year. Tree Peony 'White Phoenix' and a dwarf red fernleaf hybrid both bloomed together on the first day of the season last year on April 2nd. So it looks like our peony season is starting just a couple days earlier this year. I don't think I saw any blooms open on the red fernleaf hybrid yet this year. Tree Peony 'Yao Huang' ('Yao's Yellow') bloomed the day after Tree Peony 'White Phoenix' last year. Tree Peony 'Yao Huang' looks like it is about to pop open. So let's see if it blooms 2nd again this year.


  1. Good luck with the new job! and congratulations that your bloom season has started.

    It does sound like you've got a lot going on indeed.

    Hoping you'll post pics of Yao's Yellow. It's one of my favorites!

    1. Lyndaker Farms,

      Thank you! I am very happy about both. I just hope I can accomplish everything I'd like to! I will surely post some pics of tree peony 'Yao's Yellow'. It did not fully open today, but I'm sure it will soon.