Thursday, November 22, 2018

2018 Ebay Peony Seller Reviews

Okay, so this article is about 3 years behind schedule, and while I have been procrastinating on posting it (due to wanting more information), I've finally decided that partial information is better than no information. I guess I will just update it later or create a new updated listing in the future as more information presents itself in my garden. I already see a need to reorganize the information by seller instead of by peony variety, but I will save that for a future article.

Mislabeled Intersectional Peony
(Sold to Me as Peony 'Lollipop')

In hopes that you may learn something from Ebay sellers I've purchased from over the years, I decided to create this reference for which sellers send the actual peony stated and which sellers do not - especially since an initial investment in a peony root can take years to show its true colors. Also if you have some direct experience with these same Ebay sellers or different sellers, please leave any concrete information you may have in the comment section below so that we may all benefit from our combined peony purchasing experiences.

Mislabeled Intersectional Peony
(Sold to Me as Peony 'Scarlet Heaven')

Review Key
rightbloomed with the correct color and form
:(dieddied before blooming
Xwrongbloomed with an incorrect color and/or form

Ebay Peony Seller Reviews
Adolphe RousseauEbay - greenerpastures1012006
Bartzella (Intersectional)Ebay - mcgper12007✓ right
Benjamin FranklinEbay - willowcreekgardens2007✓ right
Berry Garcia (Intersectional)Ebay - bernard*sweety (Anna Snitkovskaia - Brooklyn, NY)2014X wrong - single hot pink root stock
Berry Garcia (Intersectional)Ebay - irislady55 (Joni L. Renshaw, Joni's Dance-In-The-Wind Iris Garden - Tekamah, NE)2015
Black Lotus (Hatsugarasu) (Tree)Ebay - atskor8 (Svet Vasyl - Moscow, PA)2014X wrong - wrong tree peony white
Bowl of CreamEbay - luckybusya2007✓ right
Canary Brilliants (Intersectional)Ebay - macao20002012:( died
Canary Brilliants (Intersectional)Ebay - bernard*sweety (Anna Snitkovskaia - Brooklyn, NY)2014X wrong - single hot pink root stock
Chocolate SoldierEbay - bigmikek2007✓ right
Chojuraku 長寿楽 (Longevity Music) (Tree)Ebay - garden*breeze (Garden's Breeze - Mount Tabor, NJ)2016
Coral FayEbay2004✓ right
Coral 'N GoldEbay - mr.greengenes12007✓ right
Coral SunsetEbay - nielsvnoort2c2z (Niels L. Van Noort - Woodland, WA) 2015
Dinner PlateEbay - luckybusya2007✓ right
Dr. Alexander FlemingEbay - willowcreekgardens2007
Duchesse de NemoursEbay - luckybusya2004✓ right
FlameEbay - superchukcha2007✓ right
Fragrant Jade (Xiang Yu) (Tree)Ebay - hungsupplysolutions2013✓ right
Golden Wheel (Huang Jin Lun)Ebay - beautifulpeony2007✓ right
Goldmine (Huang Jin Lun)Ebay - hirtsgardens (Hirts - Wadsworth, OH)2016
Hanakisoi 花競 (Floral Rivalry) (Tree)Ebay - hirtsgardens (Hirts - Wadsworth, OH)2016
Houki 芳紀 (Charming Age) (Tree)Ebay - hirtsgardens (Hirts - Wadsworth, OH)2016
High Noon (Tree)Ebay - hirtsgardens (Hirts - Wadsworth, OH)2018
Hillary (Intersectional)Ebay - ricknken03cw2007✓ right
Impossible Dream (Intersectional)Ebay - atskor8 (Svet Vasyl - Moscow, PA)2014X wrong - wrong itoh yellow
Joannna Marlene (Intersectional)Ebay - garden*breeze (Garden's Breeze - Mount Tabor, NJ)2015
Julia Rose (Intersectional)Ebay - ricknken03cw2007✓ right
Kamata-nishiki 鎌田錦 (Tree)Ebay - atskor8 (Svet Vasyl - Moscow, PA)2014:( died
Kamata-nishiki 鎌田錦 (Tree)Ebay - orientalpeony (Yongdong Wu - Upper Malboro, MD)2016✓ right
Karl RosenfieldEbay - willowcreekgardens2007
Kinkaku (Souvenir de Maxime Cornu) (Tree)Ebay - atskor8 (Svet Vasyl - Moscow, PA)2014X wrong - wrong tree peony white
Koukamon 皇嘉門 (Floral Gate) (Tree)Ebay - garden*breeze (Garden's Breeze - Mount Tabor, NJ)2017
Lemon Dream (Intersectional)Ebay - macao20002012:( died
Lemon Dream (Intersectional)Ebay - jackshouse2008 (Therese Sprauer - Brooks, OR)2014✓ right
Lollipop (Intersectional)Ebay - atskor8 (Svet Vasyl - Moscow, PA)2014X wrong - wrong itoh yellow
Love Affair (Intersectional)Ebay - bernard*sweety (Anna Snitkovskaia - Brooklyn, NY)2014X wrong - single hot pink root stock
Mother's ChoiceEbay - mcgper12005✓ right
Mr. EdEbay - hostagardens2007✓ right
NympheEbay - superchukcha2007✓ right
Old Rose Dandy (Intersectional)Ebay - macao20002012✓ right
Paeonia delavayi var lutea ludlowii (Tree)Ebay - dogwooderitternet2013:( died
Paeonia rockii (Tree)Ebay - zwan2392 (Zuncai Wang)2013✓ right
Paula FayEbay - mr.greengenes12007✓ right
Petticoat FlounceEbay - bigmikek2007
Pink FireflyEbay - hostagardens2007✓ right
Pink JazzEbay - luckybusya2004✓ right
Prairie Charm (Intersectional)Ebay - vasyl_svet (Sergei Snitkovskiy - Brooklyn, NY)2015
Prairie Charm (Intersectional)Ebay - orientalpeony (Yongdong Wu - Upper Malboro, MD)2016
Raspberry FireflyEbay - greenatlatl2007✓ right
Red Double FernleafEbay - hanskaflowers2006
Red Dwarf Single FernleafEbay - bigmikek2007
Reine HortenseEbay - luckybusya2005
Scarlet Heaven (Intersectional)Ebay - macao20002012X wrong - wrong itoh old rose dandy?
Scarlet O'HaraEbay - mr.greengenes12007✓ right
SorbetEbay2004✓ right
Shimadaijin 島大臣 (Island Minister) (Tree)Ebay - garden*breeze (Garden's Breeze - Mount Tabor, NJ)2016✓ right
Shimanishiki 島錦 (Island Brocade) (Tree)Ebay - garden*breeze (Garden's Breeze - Mount Tabor, NJ)2017
Taiyo 太陽 (The Sun) (Tree)Ebay - tyebrook (Samuel Saunders - Lovingston, Virginia)2016✓ right
Tom EckhardtEbay - hirtsgardens (Hirts - Wadsworth, OH)2007
Tria (Tree)Ebay - atskor8 (Svet Vasyl - Moscow, PA)2014X wrong - wrong tree peony white
White Phoenix (Feng Dan Bai) (Tree)Ebay - easyplantingli2013✓ right
White Phoenix (Feng Dan Bai) (Tree)Ebay - hungsupplysolutions (Henry Hung, Hicksville, NY)2016✓ right
Yao's Yellow (Tree)Ebay - orientalpeony (Yongdong Wu - Upper Malboro, MD)2016✓ right
Yellow Crown (Intersectional)Ebay - mcgper12007✓ right
Yellow Heaven (Intersectional)Ebay - bernard*sweety (Anna Snitkovskaia - Brooklyn, NY)2014X wrong - single hot pink root stock
Yellow Waterlily (Intersectional)Ebay - craftygalinmi (Kathy Carrigan, Lacy Creek Growers - Vermontville, MI)2015
Yumi ?? (Possess Beauty) - Yellow Doodle Dandy (Intersectional)Ebay - atskor8 (Svet Vasyl - Moscow, PA)2014X wrong - wrong itoh peony prairie charm?
Yumi (Possess Beauty) - Yellow Doodle Dandy (Intersectional)Ebay - garden*breeze (Garden's Breeze - Mount Tabor, NJ)2016✓ right


  1. I purchased Lorelei and Lois's Choice most likely from the same seller but under a different name also based in Brooklyn, NY. I compared the tuber roots of Lorelei when I received them and they did somewhat looks similar though the roots appearance can varied depending on the different climate and growing conditions. Could korina77-2008 be the same person as Anna Snitkovskaia - Brooklyn, NY?
    I purchased on eBay knowing the possibility of not being true to names but the roots look healthy though.

    1. Hello,

      Yes, I'm afraid that there may be a seller intent on duping people that has created multiple Ebay accounts with foreign sounding seller names. Did you check the name on the return address of the box your received? I hope your roots are correct, but I have a sneaking suspicion they may not be. Let us know how it turns out!


    2. One of the peony I purchased came with two extra very small divisions that I each crammed into small pots. Interestingly I think there is an premature bud developing. it's in direct full sun and hopefully it might just have enough strength to bloom. If so it would just be enough to sample the color and scent(if any) whether it's really is the peony I purchased. The other potted one hasn't sprouted and might not have made it through the winter. Of all the four cultivars I purchased from two ebayers, this small extra root division that came with the shipment is the only one that's showing a bud development so far. I have heard that cramming peonies by planting them very close together can trick them into blooming prematurely. Perhaps a small pot with just barely enough space to fit in a division did the trick. I'm hoping I will like peonies even if they're not the correct cultivars as sold. There's always a chance with a seedling or NOID peony of being highly fragrant.

    3. Hello,

      I'm glad to hear your divisions are growing, and one is developing a bud. Yes, as long as you are willing to accept that your peonies may be incorrect and like them anyway, I think it is fine. I always think about that before purchasing. Usually the chance they may be right wins out and I purchase them, especially if they are low or moderately priced. :-)


    4. It appears 4 out of the 6 peonies I purchased on ebay from 2 different sellers aren't true to name as listed. Though the buds haven't yet bloomed, I can see it's probably a rootstock seedling peony based on the shape and color. One of the seller with the same Brooklyn, NY address charged extra shipping costs for each instead of combining.
      I'm rather upset about situation.
      Were you able to report these sellers to ebay?By the time the peony grow or bloom the following spring, its long past the date to be able to report as the options are no longer there.
      Do you have any advice on the matter since you have much experiences buying peonies off ebay?

    5. Hello,

      I've only reported it a couple times when the purchase price was over $100 and the sellers seemed to be intentionally defrauding people. Unfortunately since the length of time was so long, the protections basically ran out. I just kept calling, asking for managers, filing disputes, providing documentation, and being patient. If they do help you, it won't be through the normal process / protections. They will have to give you some type of courtesy credit (if they so choose). You may have to spend quite a lot of time on the phone and writing letters. So it's up to you if you want to put that much into it. Unfortunately since the protection time had run out, and the seller had a provided tracking number that said the item was delivered, the at-fault seller was never found at-fault. That's the unfortunate part. You may be able to get a resolution either through your credit card company or through Ebay/Paypal. I would advise trying both if you're going to try. You never know who might be willing to help you. Good luck!


    6. Thank you for the reply with details your personal process and experience in dealing with these scammers.
      I would like to clarify that I purchased 6 peonies(2 of each from each vendors) on ebay. four peonies were not true to name from two vendors. The two peonies last seller Leafari appear to be true to names with one bloomed during the spring.

      korina77-2008-this seller use Brooklyn NY as the location probably from the same scammer on your list using the same location. This seller also charged double the shipping fees for each peony instead of combined or reduced shipping cost. interestingly this vendor joined ebay on my birthday. Did not respond back.

      dausername1-Peonies from this vendor is not true to name either but this vendor did respond asking me to clarify or state the product purchased. I have not respond or bothered yet as I would have to post a photo of a bloom and wasn't sure if it would be worth my time. I will give update to see if I get anything.

      I would like to contact Ebay to get help with customer service in dealing with these two sellers but is unsure where or how to contact them directly. If you or anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Have you seen this list of scammers - same one(s) that ripped you off... this should not go on unchecked.

    1. Hello,

      No, I had not seen this list. Interesting that they are trying to sell rare figs as well as rare peonies that are fakes.


    2. And grapes, and mushrooms, etc...

      But thanks to you for all the work you put in helping to expose them!

  3. Adriana, It's not interesting at all. It's a total scam where the purchaser does not know what they received until it's too late to return. They/she are total crooks laughing all the way to the bank. Unfortunately eBay looks at it as he-said/she-said and as long as they are making $ they are not going to ban the crooks. Sadly, Amazon is becoming the same way..a portal for crooks to invade our hope, dreams and eventually our wallets.

    1. Hello,

      Yes, it seems scams are multiplying these days with the internet. It is definitely "buyer beware". I'm not happy to hear of others losing money, but I'm glad to know we have had similar experiences with particular sellers. That's just more corroborating evidence for other potential customers to stay away from those sellers. Good luck and stay safe out there!