Sunday, October 14, 2018

2018 Southern Peony Fall Planting

It's that time of year again - fall peony planting time! It's the time when boxes of peony roots converge on your front doorstep all in the same week! What used to be excitement to see the blooms of those new varieties, now becomes pressure to get them all planted! It happens to all of us, the peony bloom photos look so gorgeous, they just draw us in. The ones we've been wanting for years become available, the APS hosts their convention auction, the APS awards its newest Gold Medal winner, the peony farmers hold last chance sales, the APS hosts their Fall Auction -- so many opportunities to find the newest, the latest-greatest, the oldies but goodies, the hidden gems, and the ones you didn't even know you needed! (And if you're lucky enough to have a local club, you might also have the opportunity to buy roots at a local peony fall auction as well!)

Southern Peony Fall Planting

Yes, it can add up to quite a bit of work in the fall to get them all planted, but when spring arrives you know that it will be worth it. And although many of your new peony roots may not bloom the first year, you know they are growing and saving up their energy to make a plant large enough to bloom another year. And as long as you've got them planted in the right place (check out our article on Top 5 Spots to Plant a Peony), you know they will be growing larger and larger every year! One day you'll have a peony (or lots of peonies!) just full of blooms! Happy Fall Peony Planting!!!


  1. It's the season of "I need large holes now!" alright. :). And not just large ones, but good fertile ones too.

    1. Bob,

      That's true. I used to just dig a hole and put them in because I wanted to see if they would grow with whatever dirt I already had, just au naturale (and they did grow & bloom well), but the last couple of years I try to put in a little bit of top soil and a cup of fertilizer in each hole too. It's a little extra work, but hopefully it helps! Now I'd like to see what they can do with a little help! :-)