Tuesday, August 14, 2018

2018 Fall Peony Sale @ Song Sparrow

Klehm's Song Sparrow Peony Sale

It's that time of year, fall peony sale time. If you haven't ordered any roots yet this year, now's the time to squeeze in your last minute orders. I got an email yesterday with information on Song Sparrow's fall sale. It looks like they have 7 peony cultivars on sale this year. Of the 7 cultivars on sale, I only grow 2 of them - Peony 'Scarlet O'Hara' and Peony 'Green Lotus'. Both of those peonies are actually stellar growers here in the South. Peony 'Scarlet O' Hara' makes a nice bush with nicely distributed bright red single blooms, named after the famous Southern belle of Gone with the Wind. You have to really love wild and crazy and/or unusual blooms (which I do) to love Peony 'Green Lotus'. Peony 'Green Lotus' makes a nice bush that is covered in green and white (with hints of pink), irregular shaped blooms with crinkled petals.

2018 Song Sparrow Peony Order

I had just actually placed an order with Klehm's a few days ago. I ordered Peony 'Ursa Minor' because of how beautiful it this year when the 2018 American Peony Society Tours Oregon Perennial Company. Seeing as Klehm was the original hybridizer of the plant, I figured Klehm's Song Sparrow was the best place to buy it! I've also been wanting Tree Peony 'Joseph Rock' for a while now, and I decided that now was the time to order it.. I really love how double the blooms are, and I'm really excited to try growing it. Another one of the 7 cultivars on sale their fall sale caught my eye as well. It is Peony 'Glowing Candles'. The color of it is just gorgeous, and I also love the symmetry. The small puffs of pale pink in the center of the flower are a nice bonus too. I'm hoping I can add this one to my existing order. :-) Let's see...

Peony 'Glowing Candles'

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