Saturday, April 9, 2016

2016 Southern Peony New Peony Hybridizers Section

I am very excited about a new page I'm adding to Southern Peony - Hybridizers. This page will be on the 2nd row of the menu bar at the top of every page. So it will be very easy to find. This page is a result of my interest in breeding and breeders. When I was reading an article about a breeder from TN of another type of plant, I felt like there was a gap in the reporting and recording of this type of information in the world of peonies. So I decided to start interviewing peony breeders. My first interviewee and I have finally finished my first interview, and I am very excited to publish it tomorrow. I won't spoil the surprise of who the first peony hybridizer interview is with. So you'll have to check back tomorrow to find out who it is and read all about them!
Hybridize Definition

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