Sunday, April 24, 2016

2016 Colorful Spring Peony Foliage

Purple Spring Peony Foliage
Peony 'Garden Peace'

Wow! I can hardly believe Week 3 of my peony blooms season is over, and we're already half way through our peony bloom season here. While we're still in the early part of the season, I wanted to share one more reason to grow peonies (besides the blooms) - the gorgeous colors of peonies spring foliage! I know I've already mentioned the Beautiful Fall Peony Foliage Colors. However, I have not before mentioned their gorgeous spring foliage colors - purples, yellow greens, reds, and multi colors.

Yellow Green Spring Peony Foliage
Peony 'Golden Frolic'

Red Spring Peony Foliage
Peony 'Topeka Garnet'

If you don't yet grow Peony 'Garden Peace', you will soon find out that the uniqueness of its purple toned spring foliage far outweighs its numerous heavenly white single blooms. The leaves are large with good substance, and the bush multiplies well here in the South. Peony 'Golden Frolic' is known for both it's beautiful fall foliage, and its blossoms are some of the most attractive source of food for bees in my garden. However, the eye popping spring foliage is just one more reason to grow Peony 'Golden Frolic'. Not only is Peony 'Topeka Garnet' a 2012 American Peony Society Gold Medal Winner, the redness of its spring foliage will blow you away. From blooms, to the spring foliage, to the stigmas, this peony had red down! Peony 'Lovely Rose' has not only lime green spring foliage, but also contrasting red stems. When those multicolored stems pop open you'll get a nice coral pink surprise! So if you needed another reason to grow peonies (besides the blooms), you just got one more!

Lime Green Spring Peony Foliage with Red Stems
Peony 'Lovely Rose'

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