Friday, January 22, 2016

2016 K. Hall Design Peony Products

I first discovered these K. Hall Designs products almost two years ago now, on our first wedding anniversary. I was pregnant at the time and couldn't travel far. So we decided to check in to a local spa. When we went to relax in the pools at the spa, I couldn't help but notice these peony products. The candles, lotion, and bath salts really caught my eye with "PEONY" printed boldly on a minimalistic pale pink label. I loved the scent (of course!), especially since it was not overpowering or fake smelling. The fact that the lotions and bath salts had not been dyed pink with artificial colors was a big plus in my book! I really wanted the lotion (of which they had a sample you could test). However, it was sold out. So I purchased the bath salts instead, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. When you add these peony salts to your bath, the entire bathroom smells like a field of peonies! I have since gotten the lotion as well, and it is just right. It moisturizes your hands and smells sweet without being sticky, greasy, or too strong smelling. So if you are looking for some mostly natural (their web site says at least 95% natural) peony toiletries, definitely check these out...

K. Hall Designs Peony Lotion and Bath Salts

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