Monday, January 18, 2016

2016 First Snow of the Year (and Maybe Only???)

Snowing Hard During the First Snow of the Year

I can't believe it! It snowed yesterday! The temperatures the day before were almost 60°, and then the next day it was snowing like a blizzard. It snowed fast and hard for about an hour, and it did start to accumulate. However, it was gone as fast as it came. This snow event was a metaphor for our entire winter so far. Hot one day, cold the next. No wonder everything is confused, like this New Peony Breaking Dormancy Too Early. Hopefully most of my peonies will stay dormant until the proper time (at least a couple months from now), will receive enough chilling hours for bud set (since this has been kind of a warm winter so far), and spring will bring lots of brilliantly colored peony blooms!

First Snow of the Year

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