Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2015 New Hot Pink Double in Peony Seedling Test Bed

There did turn out to be one interesting peony blooming in my peony seedling bed this year. It was a bomb looking double hot pink peony. My recent experience tells me that the bloom form of a peony seedling may change as the plants matures. So next year the bloom form could be totally double. I have flagged this plant to be moved to my other less crowded peony seedling bed for closer inspection and monitoring. I plan to move this peony in the fall after the foliage has gone dormant so as not to disturb the plant too much.

Hot Pink Bomb Double Peony Seedling

Hot Pink Bomb Double Peony Seedling in Peony Seedling Bed

Some other things I noticed about this peony that interest me are the presence of size buds. There were three buds on one stem, one main bud and two side buds. These side buds opened in succession after the main bud, which extended the plant's bloom period. Also this peony appears to be a late bloomer. Take a look at the photo above, and you can see all the buds opened nicely without any late season sun and heat damage. This is a great feature for late season peonies that are going to be grown in the South since some late season bloomers here sustain damage to the blooms that prevent them from opening fully.

Hot Pink Bomb Double Peony Seedling Still Blooming
After All Other Peony Seedlings Done Blooming

Hot Pink Bomb Double Peony Seedling
Side Buds Still Blooming Late in the Season

The only drawback to this peony I see so far is that the stem was bent in half, and although all of the buds still opened, they were upside down. I'm not sure if the lack of stem strength is due to all of the competition with the other seedlings in my peony seedling bed (my peony seedling bed is quite crowded) or perhaps because it is at the back of the bed near the woods, and it is reaching for the sun. Either way by moving this peony and observing it separately, I will be able to discern its true habit. Hopefully it will stand up when it is on its own. :-)

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