Monday, June 1, 2015

2015 APS Convention Peonies in Fiestaware Vases

Fiestaware Vase filled with Peonies

If there was one thing I can't stop thinking about from the American Peony Society Convention, it is the peonies in the Fiestaware vases that decorated the tables at the APS Banquet. Thanks to Mike Miller and his wife who brought their collection of gorgeous Feista Ware vases, all of the same pattern, but in a beautiful range of hues to decorate the tables at the banquet. They did an awesome job dressing up the room, and these Fiestaware vases were one of the first things I noticed as soon as I entered the banquet room. I asked them if the vases were up for auction, and they politely replied no. I guess I will just have to hunt down for one myself. :-)

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