Saturday, May 10, 2014

2014 Chinese Tree Peony Seeds from Ebay Sprouted

As I said in my last post about peony seedlings, Peony Seedlings from Cricket Hill - P. Rockii, Ebay seems to be the place to buy peony seeds. This is a photo of the Chinese tree peony seedlings that sprouted from the peony seeds I bought on Ebay in the fall. Here is what they looked like when the Chinese Tree Peony Seeds Started to Sprout in March. So as you can see they have grown quite a bit since then. Also there are several more varieties growing now. In March only two of the varieties had sprouted, the blue (P3) and the green (P4). Now 5 out of the 6 colors have sprouted - black (P2), blue (P3), green (P4), pink (P5), and red (P6). The only seeds that haven't sprouted from this group are the white (P1). Aside from the white seeds which didn't germinate, the germination rates ranged from 10% (2 out of 20) for the red to 40% (8 out of 20) for the blue. The overall germination rate was 20% (24 out of 120). However considering the price I paid for these Chinese Tree Peony Seeds from Ebay ($2.50, shipping included), I think that's an awesome deal for 24 baby tree peonies. :-)


  1. Looking nice. I know those will likely produce more leaves through the summer and fall, and get kind of crowded, but please don't separate them until well into fall, perhaps after November because they just don't take well to transplanting before going completely dormant. I've made the mistake by assuming that they were fully grown and woody when they still get a lot of shock since I separated some too early.

    Lets hope at least one of the whites emerge eh.

    1. Steve,

      Great advice! Thank you. I am such a laissez-faire gardener that I probably won't even get around to dividing them anytime soon anyway.

      Yes, I do hope one of the white peony seeds does sprout. I have a feeling that it may be next year, though, if any of them do decide to come up.