Friday, May 31, 2013

2013 American Peony Society Board Meeting

The American Peony Board meeting was attended by most members this year. I was the newest member, having been asked to replace a member that needed to resign his duties. We approved last year's meeting notes and treasury report. The board decided to approve $5,000 in funding to rejuvenate the American Peony Society web site. There are plans to add lots more pictures for all of the American Peony Society Gold Medal Winners, some other photo galleries, as well as update the layout to make the information more available and friendly to users. The APS also plans to communicate official press releases via its web site. Lore and I also discussed ways to survey our membership to find out what we could offer existing and potential future members as well. The 2013 APS Gold Medal Winner was also selected from 6 nominated peonies: Peony 'Cora Stubbs', Peony 'Diana Parks', Peony 'Eliza Lundy', Peony 'Lucky', Peony 'Mackinac Grand', and Peony 'Mahogany'. The president also announced plans to name a peony after a prominent person and peony lover at tomorrow's banquet, as well as potential future flower naming ceremonies. The location of next year's convention was announced as the Kingwood Center in Mansfield, OH.

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