Sunday, April 7, 2013

2013 P. Rockii Species Peonies at Edelweiss Perennials

Wow. Google is my friend. :-) I found a P. rockii peony using Google offered by Edelweiss Perennials. I've never heard of this nursery before, but I thought I'd take a chance. It seems like they a large variety of plants. They even have several other species peonies to choose from (Paeonia delavayi, Paeonia intermedia, Paeonia lutea var. ludlowii, Paeonia mairei, Paeonia mascula subsp. arietina, Paeonia mlokosewitschii, Paeonia obovata var. willmottiae, Paeonia peregrina, Paeonia potaninii, Paeonia rockii ssp. rockii, and Paeonia tenuifolia). Some of them I've not seen offered elsewhere (like Paeonia intermedia, P. mairei, P. potaninii, P. triternata), and their prices are very reasonable. If the P. rockii peony I purchase from them does well, I may order some additional species plants from them later this year or next year. I'm really excited to see the white and purple blooms of the Paeonia rockii!

P. rockii Peony at Edelweiss Perennials


  1. I have a few lutea ludlowiis. I'm willing to trade some of those for a delavayi if you are able to get a couple of those.

    My herbaceous or tree peony seedlings are also open to trade once they go dormant again as they will start getting too crowded in my garden beds as more sprout, and the get bigger.

    The problem is that I have no ideas if my seedlings will turn out to be stuff that you already have as the permanent marker on my tags faded away over the winters.

    1. Steve,

      Sure I'm open to trading some plants. I don't have the P. ludlowii yet, but I did order one this year from a different - not so reputable nursery. We'll see how it does.

      Any chance to increase the gene pool sounds like a good idea. :-)