Saturday, April 27, 2013

2013 Beautiful Yellow Tree Peony

Well I am definitely not the only lover of peonies in my area (and climate!). I was happily surprised and amazed to see this beautiful yellow tree peony on my way to the post office yesterday. It looks like it is quite old. So they must have had it for some time. What a great specimen! The blooms are super lovely and huge. It seems they also grow herbaceous peonies too, as you can see there are lots of them in bud right in front of the yellow tree peony. This tree peony must have been at least 4-5 feet high. It was planted right in front of a gorgeous dark red/purple Japanese maple tree. The contrast of the colors was so stunning, I just had to pull over and take some photographs. I hope you enjoy them! :-)

Yellow Tree Peony

Yellow Tree Peony and Herbaceous Peonies

Yellow Tree Peony Close Up


  1. That appears to be a Kinshi Japanese tree peony based on the color of its flowers and overall form.

    I have this type, and mine can potentially have 9 blooms this year on this plant going on its 4th season. It only made 1 bloom last year.

  2. I think it is "high noon" instead of Kinshi Japanese tree peony.

  3. Steve, Bin,

    Knowing so little about tree peonies myself, I definitely don't know which one it is. I was tempted to knock on this gardener's door to make a new friend and find out more about their peonies. I may have to make another trip to learn more.