Saturday, March 26, 2022

2022 Peonies at Local Nurseries - Logan's Garden Shop & Homewood Nursery

Peonies at Local Nursery - Logan's Garden Shop

When I went out today to look at a couple of local nurseries, I found several varieties of peonies for sale! If you are looking for a quick way to get a peony started or to get started with peonies, buying a potted peony in spring can be a great way to jump start your collection! If you can find one in bloom or in bud with the color showing - even better! That way you can feel a little more sure of what you're getting.

Peonies at Local Nursery - Homewood Nursery

The peonies I saw today were not in bloom. They were in the stem and foliage growth stage, just the same as the peonies growing in my garden. If you do plan to purchase a potted peony this spring, be sure to get it into the ground as soon as possible before the summer weather arrives and it turns so hot! Any extra time they can get to become acclimated to their new home while the temps are still a little cool will be good.

Intersectional Peonies at Local Nursery - Homewood Nursery

Both of the nurseries I visited, both Logan's Garden Shop & Homewood Nursery were offering both the traditional herbaceous peonies and several intersectional varieties as well. I even saw some pretty new intersectional peony varieties like Intersectional Peony 'Pink Double Dandy' (aka Keiko), Intersectional Peony 'Belle Toulousaine', and Intersectional Peony 'Duchesse de Lorraine'. The prices were in the range of $40 for the herbaceous peony varieties and the range of $90-$120 for the intersectional peony varieties.

Herbaceous Peonies at Local Nursery - Logan's Garden Shop

The prices for these potted peonies are definitely more costly than purchasing a root from a grower, but you are really buying time. If you didn't purchase a peony root last year and plant it last fall (to see it grow this spring), then you'd really have to wait until next year to even see your peony grow if you are planning to buy a bare root this year. Also many bare root peony divisions won't bloom their first year to two, or sometimes they bloom the very first year, then won't bloom for another year or two. They need time to become established. These potted peonies are already established as plants on their own and will likely continue to bloom for you year after year, assuming you plant your peony in a location where it is happy!

Logan's Garden Shop Sale - 20% Peonies when you buy 3 or More -

Logan's even had a sale on peonies today - 20% off when you buy 3 or more! I am so happy to be able to support local family businesses in my area, and I hope you are able to do the same where you live! Buying local means a lot to the local economy, the local stores, the local people who own those businesses, and the local people that work there! So I hope you will Shop Small, Shop Local! and look for local plant nurseries near you (that just might already have their first shipment of peonies in)!!

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