Sunday, January 23, 2022

2022 Southern Peony Gets a Big Snow!

2022 Southern Peony Gets a Big Snow!

It's been a while since we've gotten a big snow here. We did get some snow last January in 2021, and it was several inches, but you could still see a little grass peeking out. This year in 2022 we got total ground coverage! The photo above is the tree peony garden, and you can see that only the tops of the tree peonies are visible in the snow. The photo below shows the snow we got last January in 2021.

2021 Southern Peony Snow in January

You can see below one of the tree peonies is already working on growing its foliage for the coming spring. Don't worry this tree peony will be perfectly fine. The new foliage of tree peonies is much more cold hardy and resistant than new herbaceous peony foliage. All of this extra snow and chill time will be great for peony bud production. So enjoy the weather and don't worry about the peonies. Mother Nature knows how to take care of itself! I hope everyone who got some, enjoyed the snow this weekend!! ❆

Tree Peony in Snow with New Stems & Buds Growing

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